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Are You A SuperCeptor?

SuperCeptors are intelligent, highly perceptive, intuitive people who are like huge satellite dishes in the middle of the desert, picking up every nuance in space including:

  • Other people’s emotions
  • Earth changes like earthquakes and storms
  • Solar events
  • Flux in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • The collective emotions
  • The nuances of a community state 
  • Communications with the dead
  • Past and Future events and Destiny lines

SuperCeptors have been an integral part of the survival of our tribes and villages since humans have gathered in communities; because they are of value, we see their genes continuing on through their families. Inheriting a trait, however, does not mean you know how to use it. Just because you have healing hands, or clear third eye sight, for example, does not mean that you know how to guide a person through a healing crisis. Nor does it mean that you know how to separate yourself from what your client is going through, without taking it on. How do you distinguish your inner voices from those of Spirit? Are you projecting your own wounding onto your client, or is it truly theirs?  Finally, how do you deal with all of the overwhelm and still remain productive? These are the questions that distinguish raw talent from skill.

Many SuperCeptors are initially unaware of the fact that they are running huge amounts of information through a relatively unconscious mind. They feel more crazy than gifted. To become and an effective SuperCeptor one must learn how to identify their own pertinent information, and the agendas of ego, from the fray of information streaming through them; they must also learn how to separate their personal dramas, and mental delusion, from what they are picking up with their intuitions. Unfortunately, these perceptive abilities have been shunned and feared in more recent times so the training required to hone effective perceptive skills has gone mostly underground as well. Further, without a positive context in our culture through which a SuperCeptor can see and recognize themselves, it is often difficult for them to own their abilities, let alone find a way to refine them. Many untrained SuperCeptors turn to self destructive and addictive behaviors like eating disorders, and self medication, to cope. Many finally break down into chronic diseases and depression instead of answering their soul’s calling.

Question: Are Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow Children SuperCeptors? The answer is yes! But SuperCeptors were here long before the Indigos arrived. Indigo mythology has them arriving in the late 1950's and early 1960's as Indigo Scouts. Crystals and Rainbows then followed. The premise behind SuperCeptors is that they have been here since the beginning of human form. They are the 2-5% of the population that is born with special genetics that allow them to be highly perceptive to psychic phenomena. These genes are passed down through the generations and have been in the human lineage since its origins. No doubt Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbow Children were born into these families, and have the genetics already in place!


At Austin Shamanic Center we use the context of Shamanism to bring SuperCeptors back in line with their soul’s purpose in this day and age. The serious training and healing the indigenous initiate goes through in their shamanic training is the grounded intuitive education most of our current SuperCeptors need but are born into this world without. At ASC, Shamanic training is not about learning how to wear ponchos and shake a rattle, it is a way of preparing our vessel to hold, perceive and transmit high vibrational energies, as the ancients have been doing for thousands of years. Because their teachings are still in tact, we turn to them for guidance, with honor and gratitude, and let them help us remember the way. As your perceptive skills become more accurate through your training, you remember how to become a highly functioning asset to your community, however that may look to you, as a lawyer, a parent, an artist, a contractor or a healer, just to name a few.

We use the following effective processes to extract SuperCeptor diamonds out of the rough so that they can truly shine:


Because most untrained SuperCeptors have faced misunderstanding throughout their lives most of them have some serious personal healing work to do before they can step into their true power. Many deal with rejection, abandonment, low self esteem and have difficulty with owning their strengths until this work is done. Because many do not know how to separate their own feelings from someone else’s they have to find out who they truly are and how to anchor that in before they can work effectively with others. They may also have imprints from former lives keeping them in fear of stepping in again.


Many SuperCeptors are born into families that do not understand them so they need people who do. They may need guidance on their personal lives, or their professional training track. When we align with like minded people we recognize in ourselves our true nature. When we can seek guidance from someone who truly sees us, we thrive!


Raw perceptive ability requires proper training to be truly effective. Until we clear ourselves from our past and learn how to consciously hone and direct our perceptive skills, we can be a loose cannon. Many of us mistake the agendas of our egos for our higher selves. Further, we may be bogged down in cultural and ancestral paradigms that do not support us; we need to dismantle these belief systems that keep us powerless. We need to learn how to protect ourselves, define our boundaries and live with the discomfort of overstimulation. It is therefore important to be trained by someone else who knows the way, who knows which stars to reach for and which land mines to avoid. A good place to start this journey of self development at ASC, is with the two SuperCeptor classes:

Tools for the SuperCeptor I: Boundaries and Protections. This is a class for exploring what your boundaries are, how to maintain them and how not to absorb unwanted energies.

Tools for the SuperCeptor II: Listening and Seeing. This is a class that is focused on honing your extrasensory perceptions so you can separate them from your internal voices and be of service.

The Mesa Carrier series is a place to go even deeper, and for those of you who want to step in more seriously, as a professional healer, we offer the Energy Medicine Certification program, once the Mesa Carrier series is complete.


ASC creates a nurturing, accountable program and community for SuperCeptors to truly thrive. Are you one? Please join us today!

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