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We currently offer the following workshops and retreats in the Austin, Texas area.  All clases are limited to twelve people unless otherwise noted, to keep them small and intimate. Because class size is limited it is highly recoomended that you sign up, and pay a deposit, in advance to secure your seat. To register for a class please use the sign up botton below, or email us from the contact page!!

Introduction to Mystical Shamanism

Introduction to Mystical Shamanism, February 16, 2020 and July 26, 2020

There are many forms of shamanism out there. ASC prides itself on offering thorough and extensive trainings in Energy Medicine through a form we call Mystical Shamanism. This workshop is a one day immersion into the basics of shamanic study as taught at ASC. We blend the teachings from ancient indigenous wisdom keepers, most especially that of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, as they have willingly shared it with us, with the modern scientific concepts of our current world. These concepts dovetail beautifully into an effective medicine for healing and manifesting positive change within our communities. Spend a day in a beautiful retreat-like setting, opening to this sacred and powerful medicine!  Learn where science and shamanism meet, do indigenous meditations, and learn all about the five elements of ceremony,  how to connect with the Divine through Nature, and meet like minded people. Lunch included!

Offered twice this year:

Dates: Sunday February 16, 2020, and Sunday July 26, 2020

Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Price: $125 (this fee is not transferable or refundable within 72 hours of the class start time, as we can rarely refil your seat in that itme)

Class size limited to 20.


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SuperCeptor Workshops

We offer two SuperCeptor Workshops each year, SuperCeptor I and II:


1. Tools for the SuperCeptor I: Boundaries and Protections, February 15, 2020

In this one day workshop you will learn how to be a receiver of energetic information, not a sponge. Learn about your energetic anatomy, your personal boundaries, and how to protect them. Learn to identify what energies are yours, and how to ground them, and learn how to not engage with the rest. Receive Bands Of Power, one of the Nine Rites gifted to us from the Q'ero indians of Peru, to deflect environmental energies. Meet other SuperCeptors! A day of practical skills, teachings, and sharings about what it means to be a SuperCeptor!                                                                           

Date: Saturday, February 15, 2020

Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

Price: $175.00 (Includes catered lunch)  

Class size limited to 16.


2. Tools for the SuperCeptor II: Extrasensory Listening and Seeing, July 25, 2020

In this one day workshop you will learn about who you are, and how to differentiate between your voices, and the voices of Spirit. You will receive the "Seer's Rites," one of the Nine Rites gifted to us from the Q'ero indians of Peru. We will then work on honing our extrasensory perceptions, especially in the context of working with Nature. We will learn about the ethics of "seeing" and practice doing simple "readings" for each other.

A day of practical skills, teachings, and sharings about what it means to be a SuperCeptor!                                                                           

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

Price: $175.00 (Includes catered lunch)

Class size limited to 16.


What is a Superceptor?

When you sign up, please specify which class you are signing up for.

Becoming A Mesa Carrier: The Five Elements Series

The Five Elements of Nature:  Developing Your Personal Medicine

This is a sacred journey into the heart of remembering who we truly are. It is about reclaiming the “knowing” of our original intuitive selves, remembering how to listen to our inner guidance, and living from the the authenticity of the soul. We all have stories from the past that define us in limited ways, and we each come from cultures that mold our values, ethics, and morality, stifling this internal knowing and derailing us from our original callings. Until we wake up, most of us live largely unconscious, unsatisfying lives.

The ancient Vedics of India called the web these illusions hold us in “Maya.” We carry this tangle of energetic muck as “imprints” woven silently through our psyches. or souls, limiting our perceptions and undermining the quality of our connections to Source. They carry the weight of our wounding, our ancestral baggage, and even our karmic pasts. The less entangled by the energetic sludge, or hucha, they create, the more conscious our soul’s voice becomes, the more "in integrity" we come into with ourselves, and the more coherent we are with Source. This journey, of ever increasing the level of our soul consciousness, lies at the heart of the medicine of Andean Mystics.

The first step to reclaiming our divinity is to unravel the beliefs and imprints that the egoic mind, and fear based thinking, create to conform and to feel safe. We want, instead, to remember how to walk this earth with connection, in beauty, grace, balance, and with clarity. As ASC Mesa Carriers, we learn how to clear ourselves energetically, listen to ourselves again, reconnect to nature, and create from this place of coherence with Source. This is a journey of transcending the mind and connecting to the consciousness of the soul. It is all about the personal embodiment of our authentic being, not just the visualization of it, so the learning is primarily experiential; this, we firmly believe, is something we need to show up for in person!  

As we clear and grow on this path, we build a traditional mesa, or misha as it is called in Quechua, a bundle of sacred medicine stones that act as an instant portal to the etheric. We add to it in each of the five workshops, over an 8 month period, as we do our work. Our mesas reflect the personal medicine, or the level of soul consciousness we each hold as we progress. The more congruent with Source we become the more powerful our mesa are, and the more of a hollow bone we become. together this is powerful personal medicine! We will learn how to track, or perceive through specific perceptual states, and we also receive energetic transmissions, or rites, originally from the Q’ero Indians of Peru on this path. These transmissions enhance our “knowing” by amplifying our perceptive abilities and aligning us energetically with a series of ancient healing lineages from the Andes.

While the journey of becoming a shaman, or paq’o, as they are called in the Andean traditions, takes a lifetime, these workshops give you the tools to anchor into that journey in earnest. You also become part of both a local and international community that profoundly supports this journey. Studying the shamanic arts is not about emulating an indigenous culture, it is about remembering who YOU are at the core, and implementing that in the context of your own culture. It is about learning how to bring clarity to your vision, and harnessing the powers of creation through Nature, in service to your community. This series gives you the basic tools for opening that door, and holding that “medicine.”


These classes are recommended for anyone who is wanting to increase their intuitive and manifesting abilities, their confidence, and for anyone taking that next step in their spiritual evolution. While it is based in traditional wisdom, the teachings align with concepts we hold dear in psychology, physics and neuroscience as well. Designed to work at the personal level only, this series of workshops helps you develop tools for accessing your highest version of self.  You can take this series as a personal journey, or it can be your first step toward becoming a Shamanic Healer, as it is also the prerequisite for the Energy Medline Certification Program at ASC.

As one of our students puts it: "The Mesa Carrier series gave me a back bone where I used to have a wishbone."

You will:

  • Deepen your intuitive skills
  • Learn how to use ceremony as a tool to experientially deprogram yourself from the stories, attachments and beliefs in your head, so you can create conscious destinies from your heart and soul.
  • Build a Mesa, or medicine bundle (a tradition given to us the Q’ero shamans of Peru) as a type of alchemical fire that transforms your past wounds into your strengths and medicine.
  • Dismantle core Limited Beliefs about who you are, your worth and what you can and cannot do.
  • Go through rites of initiations to develop energetic allies, guidance and protection.
  • Align with an international community of “awakened” people for support, wisdom and camaraderie.
  • Learn how how to see current scientific knowledge in ancient indigenous wisdom.

The classes, named for the 5 elements of creation, are designed to meet you where you are today, and through alignment with each of the Five Elements of Nature, spiral you deeper and deeper into the heart of your original true nature and essence. By peeling away the layers of Maya, one by one, like the peeling of an onion, each class is a step in the process of releasing your past, building a full mesa, claiming your personal power and learning how to consciously manifest your dreams. Read More:

The series is offered twice a year, one starts in Spring and one in Fall. Dates for the two tracks are listed below, they are also listed after each Element. As the wisdom and rites given in each class build on each other, and trust builds within the tribe you are in as you go through, classes must be done in order, and with the same group! No exceptions.

The 2019/2020 dates:

                           Fall (2019/2020)         Spring 2020              Fall (2020/2021)              

Earth:                  September 5-8          March 5-8                 September 24-27
Water:                 November 7-10         May 7-10                   November 12-15
Fire:                     January 23-26           July 9-12                  January 14-17
Wind:                   March 19-22              September 10-13     March 18-21
                 May 14-17                 November 5-8          May 20-23

Earth: Meet Mother Earth! Remember how to listen to her voices in stones and plants. Meet animal archetypes that will bring you back into balance with your true nature.  Align with her energies to clear your personal stories. Build the first part of your mesa. Receive rites of power, rites for seeing through the third eye better, and rites that align you with ancient healing lineages. Next offered: March 5-8, 2020 and September 24-27, 2020.

Water: Align with the fluid nature of water. Wash away ancestral and karmic stories. Learn about the tides of the mind and your emotions. Work with the moon and shadows. Learn how to navigate them through ceremony as you continue to build your mesa. Receive the rites of an ancient healing lineage. Journey with the waters of the land and learn how to hear their voices and work with their energies. See above for corresponding schedule.

Fire: Take your seat at the Fire! Learn how to work with the unpredictability of chaos. Use the powers of the fire to transmute and transform your Destiny. Learn how to step out of ego and into your true essence. Learn all about stepping out of time and space. Discover your eternal self! Remember your true essence! Receive rites of ancient wisdom keepers.  See above for corresponding schedule.

Wind: Learn to align with the power of the wind to re-tune your consciousness. Look at your limiting beliefs and the thoughts that whisper though you, creating your reality. Learn how beliefs affect your DNA and structure your physical reality. Die to your old self. Learn the Death Rites, go through a rebirth ceremony and receive rites to align with you with your future self. See above for corresponding schedule.

Ether: Learn techniques for connecting with the Divine, practice visualization and activating personal and global destinies. Connect with the wisdom of the stars though rites. Work on your connections to the upper world and the Earth Consciousness to restore balance and manifest consciously. Go through rites to become a co-creator. Complete your mesa! See above for corresponding schedule.

Cost as of March 2020: $575/class ($2875 total). Classes taught on a schedule that allows for 2 months to process and integrate between each one. They are designed to be done in consecutive order, as they build upon each other, and with your original group, as you will develop deep bonds with your tribe in the process. You cannot stop midstream in one class and then pick it up in another, as this is highly disruptive to the balance of the tribes, so please find the Fall or Spring series that works for you best. Workshop price includes catered, healthy, on site, lunches and dinners both Friday and Saturday.

Schedule: Typically classes are arranged so that there are teachings and exercises, inside and outside, during the day and ceremonies inside and outside at night. Classes do start on time!

  • Thursday: 6:30 pm-10 pm. Orientation, teachings and outside Fire Ceremony
  • Friday and Saturday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm. Teachings and exercises during the day, ceremony usually outside Friday nights and inside Saturday nights.
  • Sunday: 9:00 am-12:00 pm. Teachings and wrap up.

Location: Currently all classes are taught on the grounds of, and within, a magical, rustic event center on three acres of private land, surrounded by another 7000! it is located off Fitzhugh in Hays county, 78736. Full details will be given when you sign up for the classes.

Because class sizes are limited to 12, signing up requires a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your place. The $100 goes toward your first class payment, the balance of the first class payment is due one month before class begins. 

Full Mesa Carriers Gatherings: 

Each month we sit in circle with our mesas to share wisdom, support each other, pray, set intentions and manifest. We gather quarterly for Solstice and Equinox Despacho/Drum Ceremonies, and gather for an anual Full Mesa Carrier retreat each summer.

Discounted Healing Services for ASC Mesa Carriers:

The fee for personal one-on-one healing services for Full Mesa Carriers, and those enrolled in the MC program, is $150 instead of $175.

The Next Five Element Series begins with an Earth class September 5-8, 2019... don't miss this amazing opportunity! The series is not offered again until March 2020!

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Advanced Paq’o Workshops for the Full Mesa Carrier

Advanced Workshops for Full Mesa Carrier Paq'os June 11-14, 2020

Each year we offer advanced classes for our Full Mesa Carriers, to deepen their own personal medicine. These are not trainings to be a healer, like the Energy Medicine Certification Program, but they do accentuate your current practices as Full Mesa Carriers, or paq'os. Once you complete your Five Elements training, you are eligible to step into them. Join your fellow Mesa Carriers for a weekend of teachings and ceremony, taking us deeper into the Andean mystical energy practices and philosophies. 

Join us this year to take your practices deeper in a group setting:

  • Deepen your understanding of the anatomy of your poq'po (energy field), and how the chunpis, or bands of power, weave together an intricate system to accentuate the capacities of your ñawis. 
  • Do group exercises with the ñawis to clear, generate, tune, and transform energy for multiple uses.
  • Work with setting intentions to send and receive energy.
  • Learn about the seven levels of consciousness, find guides to help take you through these levels.
  • Work with the Texiapukuna associated with each ñawi to engage the element spirits.
  • Learn how to make several types of despachos and what some of the different applications of them are.
  • Experience an Andean Sound Journey ceremony, composed and facilitated by Anthony Palomba.
  • Share in a drum circle despacho burning ceremony.
  • AND MORE!!!

Cost: $575, a $100 deposit holds your seat 

ASC’s Children’s Program

ASC's Children's Program

Austin Shamanic Center is now offering children the opportunity to embark on a fun, creative, spiritual learning experience. Shamanic, or animistic, teachings, yoga, meditation, art, music and games will be interwoven throughout each event. Because the shamanic path is about finding your spiritual self through experience we use many modalities to engage the children. Our goal is for participants to gain practical tools by building connections with the self, others and the natural world, while having fun!  Amanda Nitschke teaches this program.

Each session is a stand-alone experience including ceremony, breath, movement, meditation, games, and art. Children will learn tools to deepen connection, navigate inner and outer landscapes, and dream their world into being. Teachings are steeped in the Mesa Carrier tradition of the Q’ero from Peru with North American indigenous messages and yogic tools woven in. We look forward to sharing this medicine with you and showing our children how to create ayni, or right relationship, in their world. 

Please contact Amanda Nitschke to register or ask any questions at or 512-573-7486. With the exception of “Stepping In”, all classes are for children school-age and up and are 90 minutes.


All classes held at:

Tiger ATX Wellness Haven (house)

7401 Old Bee Caves Road

Austin, TX  78735

Cost: $30/class


Sunday 3/3    A Visit to Pachamama

11:00 a.m.    On this original journey to meet Pachamama, children will be introduced to the consciousness of creation and deepen their connection to the natural world. The story introduces concepts from the indigenous Q’ero tradition and the Quechua language, which survive to this day in the Andes mountains. Participants will receive a sacred rite from the Q’ero tradition to connect them with Pachamama’s animal allies which bring tools and teachings they can apply to every day life.   


Sunday 3/31    Spring-Plant

11:00 a.m.   With the transition to spring, it’s time for clearing and preparing to plant new seeds for growth! We will explore and reflect upon the cycles of nature such as the ebb and flow of the tide and that of the breath. Through ceremony, we will release heavy energy (hoocha) and mindfully choose the seeds we want to plant and manifest.


Sunday 5/5    Brother Eagle, Sister Sky 

11:00 a.m.    Activities are based on the story Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, a message from Chief Seattle. We will explore our connection to the earth and all of creation. We will align with Eagle and Condor through art and writing to expand our perspective by taking a “brid’s eye view”. In playing with dark and light, children learn that by embracing our shadows, there are gifts to be honored. 


Sunday 5/5    Stepping In- for teens/young adults. 

1:00 p.m.    Throughout the world in many traditions, children participate in coming of age ceremonies. In this session, teens will reflect upon their life with meditation and writing, and through ceremony work energetically to bring it into balance. They will then mark this transition with a traditional Q’ero rite, aligning them more deeply and connecting them energetically to the creative forces that will support them as they continue on their path to adulthood. 


Sunday 6/23    Summer-Shine

11:00 a.m.    With the summer solstice upon us, we celebrate our life giving sun! Activities will focus on symbols, patterns, and energy that Inti (the sun) gives us. They will learn a breathing technique to beat the heat and bring things into balance through ceremony by creating a despacho or prayer bundle. 


Sunday 9/22    Fall-Harvest

11:00 a.m.    It’s time to let go of the efforts and things that no longer serve and receive with gratitude.  We will align with our animal allies and explore how nature let’s go of the “old”…like how the snake that sheds its skin in one whole piece! Then, we will embrace and celebrate the gifts we have received.


Sunday 11/10    Giving Thanks 

11:00 a.m.    Incorporating the message from the Six Nations, we will honor mother earth and all her creations. Gratitude is an essential part of maintaining ayni or right relationship. In our ceremony, we will give back to Pachamama.


Sunday 12/8    Winter-Celebrate

11:00 a.m.    A celebration of the internal spark of creation and wisdom that resides in each of us! Activities will explore intuition, connection to source, and allow each child to unveil their unique spark and gift.

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