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Private Consultations are two forms of mentoring to help you along the way when you need a consult but not healing work. They differ from Healings in that no energy, or deep soul clearing work is done. It is strictly at the level of conversation.

  • In the Personal Mentoring and Integration sessions we flesh out the unconscious aspects of self that are asking for integration. This is for mentoring about how to navigate your every day life. It is also perfect for for entheogenic plant medicine work, as well as dream work. Integration is the the real muscle behind processing any kind of healing or mystical experience. Without integration work your experience is just another event in your life. Integration work grounds and pulls through the teachings of that experience so they can be an impetus for change in your life, rather than just another aha or "high." 


  • The Professional Mentoring sessions allow the professional Healer a way of getting professional guidance as they evolve with their medicine. It is offered as a way of answering any professional questions you may have as you step more deeply into your profession. It is most useful for graduates of ASC's EMC program, but can be effectively used for any healing modality too.

Personal Mentoring and Integration

Personal Mentoring and Integration work is for you to dig in deeper with integrating your spiritual and psychedelic journeys, and to interpreting your dreams. We will chat but often use sacred drama, cards, and stone readings to flesh out the unconscious aspects of self arising in these experiences. What is your soul trying to communicate to you through your visions?  What came up in your plant medicine ceremony or your psychadelic therapy that you have not been able to resolve? Let's jump in and see what is there and how we can move it through! All session times 90 mins.

For healing and energetic interventions please see the Healing section.

Price: $175 for a 90 min zoom session. 

In person $225

Professional Mentoring

This mentoring program focuses on refining your professional services as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Address questions of technique, ethics, client rapport, business set up, etc. It can be done one session at a time or we can set up a period of regular sessions to keep you on track as you get your bearings.

Price: $175 for a 90 min zoom session

In person $225

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