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Private Consultations are ways for you to seek Spiritual guidance and counsel on your Life Journey. They differ from Healings in that they are conversational; no energy work is done. In Destiny Coaching they are a way to have a chat about the direction of your life, where you are going and where you may be stuck.

The Mentoring Program allows the Healer a way of getting professional guidance as they evolve with their medicine. A person can set up a one-time event, or a series of professional mentoring sessions to keep them on track . It is offered as a way of answering any professional questions you may have as you step more deeply into your profession.

Both forms of Personal Consultations are done conveniently via phone or Skype, exclusively.

Personal Mentoring and Destiny Coaching

This is a personal mentoring service available to anyone who just needs to talk. Sometimes we need an objective ear and a compassionate voice of wisdom just to listen. Sometimes we need a little advice on how to reboot our lives and get life back on course. Sometimes we want to look at our dreams and figure out what they are telling us. Mentoring is designed to help you get your life on track. It can be a one time thing, or, like a pair of training wheels, it can occur regularly until you are ready to take them off.

If you have someone close to you who has recently passed, or is passing but unable to speak, we can often access them for a brief period of time to say any last goodbyes. Know that not all people will be accessible.

Mentoring sessions do not include energy work. For energetic interventions please see the Healing section.

Price: $175 for a 90 min session. 

Professional Mentoring

This mentoring program focuses on refining your professional services as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Address questions of technique, ethics, client rapport, business set up, etc. It can be done one session at a time or we can set up a period of regular sessions to keep you on track as you get your bearings.

Price: $175 for a 90 min session

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