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Shamanic healings at ASC are one-on-one sessions designed to help you access the unconscious aspects of yourself that keep you in dysfunctional life patterns, in trauma, and in chronic illness or physical limitation. The healing work at ASC is of a psycho-spiritual nature, it is the journey of healing and processing the aspects of your psyche that create dense energetic blocks and hold you back. It reaches beyond superstition to the core of integrating the darkness and divinity we have not yet been able to own. Ultimately healing is to reclaim ourselves, to re-member ourselves... to find peace, balance, and integrity again.

  • Often our minds bury the uncomfortable aspects of what has happened to us in a effort to better “function.” When we suffer from trauma, or deep wounding, for example, we may tell ourselves we are fine in an effort to move on, often before the wounded part of us has fully processed what happened, however. We then come up with a story of who we are now, and pave over the inner children still needing resolution. If we are still experiencing blocks, stagnation, immobility, triggers, and illness, to name a few, this wounding is still alive, running background programs in the unconscious. Until it is fully processed, it remains unresolved, and will continue to pop up at inopportune moments, and drive dysfunctional thoughts and behavior.
  • This process at ASC uses a mix of shamanic traditions. It starts with the ancient indigenous practice of listening to your story, to see how you hold it all consciously. Then we go inside. Shamanic tracking, paced breath work, somatic release, and ancient Andean energetic cleansing and recalibrating practices all come together to help you to process and step out of your wounded psyche, and into a place of Grace. You can then reset, reframe, and restore balance to your life on all levels, and hold it. 
  • No amount of “seeing the problem” or talking about our issues will shift us out of the fear based states that drive our anxiety, depression, PTSD, or our chronic illnesses. The mind has created these dysfunctions and is using them to feel safe. If you perceive the world as adversarial, for example, no one can convince you otherwise; all of your relationships will include some kind of distrust and conflict as a result. We have to actually change states of consciousness to release how the mind is holding us in these wounded states. This is the premise of traditional psychedelic plant ceremonies, and the current trend of Psychedelic Therapy. It is also at the heart of the advanced shamanic healing we do at ASC. Using only breath work and energy medicine techniques, this work can be done, or at least initiated, without psychedelics, in 90 minute sessions. From there we decide what else is needed.
  • More than Reiki and beyond just the sweeping of feathers, and the burning of sage, ASC shamanic healings dig deep into your unconscious, and asks you to show up to help process the emotions and reclaim the parts of yourself that you have lost. We go beyond simply clearing energetic "symptoms," or finding a better story, and dig in for the root cause. In fact, because our practices are so focused, and immediately integrative, people not only report getting much more healing from these one-on-one sessions than they do group plant ceremonies, they often come back to this work to integrate and move through unresolved aspects of their plant ceremony experiences. Using these tools together can be completely life changing.
  • Homework is often part of the reset, to help anchor in new neuro-pathways the session opened in your brain. As you relax into your shifts you begin to think differently, express new DNA, your perceptions change, and you heal!

Energetic healing work starts with 90 minute one on one sessions. The zoom cost is $175/session. Sessions are on zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or some equivalent. This work is energetic in nature, as we are working with your soul, the energetic substrate of who you truly are and how it orchestrates your emotional and physical reality. Your soul and your unconscious are not bound by space or time. Christina establishes a loving connection to you through listening, Andean energetics, breath work, and through supportive verbal exchange. She's empathic so she feels you, wherever you are, and holds incredible space for you to shift and rebalance. Her work with people is highly effective and efficient. She works with people all over the world, from South Africa, Bali, Australia, Europe, and South America to any place in the United States and Canada. It works everywhere! This is the beauty of shamanic healing! It is powerful, supportive, and deep no matter where you engage it from.

If preferred, in-person sessions can be arranged. In-person sessions are $250. 

 Sign up and read more about timing and process below:

Personal Healing Sessions

In the West we think of ourselves primarily as minds and bodies, but in traditional indigenous communities it is our enteric “souls” that define our experiences. Most of us have places where time has condensed around unresolved emotional issues of our past, creating energetic residue and emotional triggers that continually derail us. This generates energetic sludge that affects our overall health, and emotional blocks that keep us stuck in destructive pattering. For some these blocks have manifested themselves more deeply as disease and injury. For others we just know things are stuck or not working. Although the reason is often unclear, because we have deeply buried it, we do know we need to shift somehow.

This is where shamanic healing shines over other forms of healing. First, shamanic healing, as taught at ASC, involves learning how to hold someone safely as they journey to their innermost self. It utilizes intensive tracking skills, for locating the origin of wounds, and their resultant limited beliefs and coping mechanisms. It requires mastery of Andean energetic clearing and tuning techniques, and it also requires an understanding of how to effectively employ consciousness shifting techniques, with breath, for example, to release the fear based mind from its grip on its identification with its story. All together this is a healing modality that digs in deep and makes lasting and effective changes that change people’s lives.

  • Do you have emotional triggers or limiting beliefs that take you completely off track?
  • Do you have irrational fears, abundance issues, or feel "cursed"?
  • Do you know something happened to you sometime in the past, something you can’t remember, and you need to heal from it before you can feel whole, but you don't know what it is, so you keep stumbling around it?
  • Are you having trouble moving on from a relationship, or wanting one but not finding it? Perhaps you are in a relationship and it has issues. Perhaps you have issues with intimacy or attachment.
  • Do you have an injury that will not heal, or a chronic illness?
  • Do you feel blocked from your "calling" and unable to move forward into your potential?
  • Do you have negative voices in your head that undermine your efforts, or make you loathe yourself?
  • Do you feel plagued by chronic illnesses such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or others that keep you from reaching your true potential?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a terminal illness that you feel may, or may not, be terminal but regardless, you need help healing your past and finally putting things to rest?
  • Do you need help coming to terms with the end of your life?
  • Do you feel derailed by events in your life, and like a piece of you has been lost?
  • Have you suffered a trauma you cannot seem to move past?
  • Do you feel like you are broken and part of you is missing?
  • Do you keep having the same kind of destructive or dysfunctional relationships, over and over?
  • Are you finding it difficult to take the next steps that will advance your career?
  • Are you having trouble integrating the experiences of your psychedelic therapy of ceremony?
  • Do you have inner children who need to be heard and helped to heal?

We all fix the things that we can on our own, but if our souls are wounded, all the affirmations, surgery, Reiki, and cognitive therapy work in the world cannot stop these dysfunctional patterns from reappearing. They are being run by unconscious programs that are sabotaging our efforts. Shamanic healing sessions are so effective because we help you shift out of your ordinary state of consciousness into one where you are more aware of your true self. All sessions start with meeting your soul and listening to where it says it is wounded. It can involve inner child work, soul retrieval, listening to your inner voices, reframing limited beliefs, intimacy and relationship work, personal power issues, working through trauma, processing dense emotions, working with boundaries, and reclamation of your power, just to name just a few. 

It is important to note that we heal in layers, for to do all this work at once would blow our circuits. At ASC we go session by session, at your pace, and at your request.

A typical session consists of roughly:

  • 30 minutes listening to your story, discussion of patterns and blocks
  • 50 minutes of energy clearing, tracking, paced breath work, processing, and energy realignment work
  • 10 minutes for re-framing and creating a healing map to go home with

This cannot be shortened into a smaller session, as this is generally the amount of time it takes to do the work properly. Most basic issues require 1-3 sessions done over a period of several weeks; more complex problems and serious diseases may require more sessions. Clients often say that one session cleared what they hadn't been able to clear in 15 years of therapy. Because we work at the level of the soul, and not just the mind, this work not only helps you see your issues, it can remove the triggers that keep you stuck and can help you reprogram both your brain and your patterns of behavior, eventually aligning you with whole new life trajectories, in some cases.

Because we are working at the energetic, and with the unconscious, sessions are equally effective in person as they are over the phone. The important part is that you are in a safe cozy place to do the work uninterrupted. 

Cost: All sessions run roughly 60-90 minutes.

  • Virtual session cost $175 each. You will be billed through PayPal or Venmo before the session begins. Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
  • In person sessions are currently $250

The fee for the healing work is for the healer's time and expertise. The work of Spirit is, of course, always free. 

Booking a session: Session times, in general, are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:00 am, and 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 pm Central Time. Please sign up with the form below to get a list of the current available openings!

Christina looks forward to working with you!

"Thank you Christina, for your life-altering work. What we accomplished with only one meeting was far greater than I accomplished in 52 years of therapy combined! You are a blessing and a gift."

E.R., Austin, Texas


2022 Podcast Interview on Christina's work by Olivia Young

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