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Shamanic Healings are one-on-one sessions designed to work at several different levels, depending upon your needs.  They are based on the idea you have an energy field that surrounds your physical body. It is the energetic blueprint for the architecture of your mental and physical health.  By clearing this energy body, or your soul, from the Imprints and distortions that are creating illness, your mental stability returns and you thrive physically. Shamanic Healing uses ancient energetic healing techniques to clear these distortions from your soul, restoring it to a healed state.

We then ground these shifts by giving homework, when appropriate, that creates new neuro-pathways  in your brain. We find ways to redirect your life at all levels. As you relax into your shifts you begin to think differently, express new DNA and your perceptions change. As you shift the vibration of your conscious energetic being, you extract yourself from the struggle of a life of fate and draw to yourself a life guided by Destiny.

Most Healing work at Austin Shamanic Center is done as one on one sessions. Couple work is available too, but the personal sessions are a big part of that work, as every couple feeds off the combined energies of the two individuals that comprise it.

Personal Healing

We tend to think of ourselves from the perspective of our minds and bodies, but in traditional indigenous communities it is our soul that is running our experiences. Most of us have imprints in our energy fields, or souls, that remain as residue and triggers from unresolved experiences. In this capacity they act as a blueprint for all further activity, attracting like experiences, until they are cleared.  We need to have these imprints cleared to remove blocks, negative thinking and destructive behavior from our lives. For some these energetic blocks have manifested themselves more deeply as disease and injury. For others we just know things are stuck or not working and we need to shift somehow.

  • Do you have emotional triggers or limiting beliefs that take you completely off track?
  • Do you have irrational fears or abundance issues?
  • Do you know something happened to you sometime in the past, something you can’t remember, and know you need to heal from it before you can feel whole?
  • Are you having trouble moving on from a relationship, or wanting one but not finding it? Perhaps you are in a relationship and it has issues.
  • Do you have an injury that will not heal?
  • Do you feel blocked and unable to move forward into your potential?
  • Do you have voices in your head that undermine your efforts?
  • Do you feel plagued by chronic illnesses such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or others that keep you from reaching your true potential?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a terminal illness that you feel may not be terminal but need help healing?

These may be indications that you have imprints in your energy field that need to be removed before you can truly heal. Most issues that drive us off track from where we want to be are unconscious, and may require the help of a skilled shaman. We fix the things that we can, but if we have an imprint, all the affirmations, surgery and cognitive therapy work in the world may not stop the trigger from reappearing.

Energy sessions can go many directions, as determined by the practitioner. They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Illuminations (removal of imprints -See Imprint article for more information))
  • Soul Retrieval (replacing lost parts of our soul lost in trauma or fear -See Soul Retrieval article for more information)
  • Crystallized, Liquid and Underworld Extractions (removal of energies that are not ours or are karmically entwined)
  • Chord Cuttings (cutting unhealthy cords to places and beings that eat away at our energy and/or keep us immobilized by conditional love)
  • Destiny Retrievals (aligning with the future self we are becoming) Many Worlds article.
  • Dismantling Soul Contracts and Core Limiting Beliefs see Soul Contracts article.

For any and all of the above, a typical session consists of roughly:

  • 30 minutes discussion and tracking of problem’s origin
  • 30 minutes energy clearing and alignment work
  • 30 minutes for re-framing and creating a healing map to go home with

This cannot be shortened into a smaller session, as this is generally the amount of time it takes to do the work properly. Most basic issues require 1-3 sessions done over a period of several weeks; more complex problems and serious diseases may require more sessions. Clients often say that one session cleared what they hadn't been able to clear in 15 years of therapy. Because we work at the level of the soul, and not just the mind, this work not only helps you see your issues, it can remove the triggers that keep you stuck and can help you reprogram your patterns of behavior.

Because we are working at the energetic, sessions are equally effective in person as they are over the phone and Skype.

Cost: All sessions run roughly 60-90 minutes and cost $175 each. This fee is for the healer's time and expertise. The work of Spirit is, of course, free. 

Booking a session: Please use the sign up form below to email us for your appoitment. We give you current avaiable openings when you write in! All sessions done in a private location in Southwest Austin, or over the phone. You will be given appropriate details in the email exchange. We look forward to working with you!

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