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The 2025 Energy Medicine Certification Program

[Note: The EMC program will not be offered in 2024, as Christina is writing a book this year. This is a great time to get your prerequites down: The Andean Foundation Training and the Inner Tawantin]

The EMC is a premier, one year, energy medicine healing program intensive for people who want to become better healers. Because there is a year of prerequisites, however, it will actually take two years to complete the entire process from start to finish.

Year One:

Year Two:

  • The four EMC classes (described below)

Once you have completed your year of learning the Andean energy system and how it applies to healing yourself, you will learn how to apply the Andean Healing Arts in a clinical setting to help other people heal from trauma, blocks, and emotional dysfunction. We believe that to step onto the path of the healer we must understand what we are asking of our clients, by having embraced the process ourselves first. Through this process we then become guides, reliable resources who know the currents and the tides of this work. So be ready to step into the waters to know truly them...

In this tradition we work at a level beyond the intellect or ego. In indigenous traditions, like those of the Andes, the soul  is the whole conscious and unconscious mind. It is an energetic substate, not just an idea. The Andean energy medicine is the work of healing the wounded soul with high vibrational energy. In so doing the body and the brain then also reset. This set of teachings helpn to do just that.

Specifically, we blend the core energy medicine practices of the Andean Foundation Training Series with a basic understanding of psychology, neuroscience, basic concepts from physics, shamanic tracking techniques, and breath work. You will learn how to hold sacred healing space, a place where your client feels safe, seen, and heard, how to create ceremonies, do soul retrieval, and use breath work, drumming and rattling to shift consciousness, how to clear imprints, recalibrate and entrain someone’s nervous system energetically, and so much more.

This material is the culmination of Christina Allen's over 25 years of research and practice helping people heal.

To be considered for the EMC program you must have completed the Andean Foundation Training and The Inner Tawantin. The Foundation Training teaches you about the complexities of the Andean system of energy and inner Tawantin classes will help you deepen your understanding of the psyche. It also makes sense to have experienced this form of healing at least once before you commit to the process, so it is highly recommended that you have done at least one healing session with Christina. 

EMC Curriculum:

  •  Four Online Teaching Modules (I-IV) (Friday-Sunday) - see class schedule below.

  • A Set of 10 Case Studies (to be completed for Modules II, II and IV).

  • Three weeks after each of the modules II-IV there will be group zoom meetings to discuss case studies)

  • The first class, Module I, has no case studies or followup zoom call, the other three do.

Teaching Modules:


I. Lay Of The Land:

Understanding the Psyche, Trauma, Shadow, Limiting Beliefs, Personality, and Tracking. In this class we discuss what the soul is and how it relates to the ego, intellect, emotions, and body. We look at what happens when we are faced with circumstances we are not equipped to handle at the time and what it does to us on all these levels. We practice putting our basic clearing practices from the AFT to work on behalf of the client and we learn how to track shamanically. We learn how to hold a sacred space while we will track at the physical, emotional, metaphoric, and we learn how to track back and forth along past along timelines. 

Dates: TBD

II. Imprints:

This is the bedrock process for the rest of the modules. It teaches how to do an intake interview, how to listen and hold space, how to combine the Andean Healing Arts (energy medicine) with breath work and rattling, while tracking. It emphasizes tuning energy, leading a wachay (time line regression), or regressions, and clearing. We work with entraining the client to higher frequencies of energetic vibration and healthy nervous system regulation. It works at the soma/body, emotional/mental, and spiritual/energetic all at once. We will learn how to map at the metaphoric, do an exit interview and give homework to anchor in a new “healing map.”

Dates: TBD

Zoom Check in date: TBD

III. Soul Retrieval: 

Inner Child Work and Reparenting. Here we address trauma, somatic release, and how to hold someone bound in the emotional, psychological, energetic and physical bondage of trauma, especially freeze. Often there is a break that happens in a person when there is trauma… one part of the psyche, or soul, stays behind wounded and one goes into hiding, or shadow… when the part goes into hiding we have soul loss. We use the previous classes to dig in even deeper and address moving someone out of trauma and reclaiming the soul pieces. We learn about self limiting contracts and how to facilitate integration. We work with the inner child connection and with reparenting techniques.

Dates: TBD

Zoom Check in date: TBD

IV. Death and Transitions: 

We all live many lives within this one. This is a class that teaches you how to use the wañuy (death/rebirth) process from the Andean Healing arts, and how to create simple ceremonies, mixed with your healing work to get someone through the many little deaths they can get caught in…  moving, breakups, children leaving home, job changes, stages of life, or even real death. It is also how you work with someone who is unconscious, near death, or in a coma. We will talk about how to support both kinds of death and how to create ceremony to facilitate a transition process.

Dates: TBD

Zoom Check in date: TBD

Class  Schedule:

  • Each module starts at 5:30 pm -8:00 pm CT Friday evening with the overview of the class material.
  • It continues Saturday 11:00 am-4:00 pm and Sunday 11:00-3:00 CT, where you learn material and practice with your classmates in breakout rooms.
  • There is a 20 min break mid stream Saturday and Sunday. 
  • You will be learning and then practicing what you have learned with your classmates in class. The ending times are approximate, as the time it takes you and your partner to complete your exchange can go longer than the time allotted for class.
  • Zoom Check-ins are the Sunday 3 weeks after the last class. Time is 11:00 am-1:00 pm CT. You must have two case studies for the module just completed finished by this call. 

Case Studies:

Each of the last 3 modules will be complete when you have finished and written up 10 case studies to practice the material on others. There are no case studies for the first module. There is a form to guide you through the process. Once all the case studies are handed in for a particular module you are cleared to start the next module. It is highly recommended that you stay with your class, as once you fall behind your incentive to continue will likely start to wane. The case study write ups ensure you go back and reflect on your work and see what you did well and to see where you could go deeper. Feedback is given to help you expand into the full breath of the material so you get all the nuance and become the best healer you can be!


 It is hard to prioritize our lives in these busy times. The case studies and the zoom calls help you to be accountable for the information. This makes you review your work while it is still fresh and take stock of what you did and didn’t do. Three weeks after the last module we will meet on zoom as a group and discuss our processes to learn from each other and deepen out understanding. You will have to complete your first two case studies by this call. This keeps you on track in many ways.

Make It A Priority

Please clear your schedule to be completely present for each class before you sign up for the program. These classes cannot be taken by recording. You must participate in class. And you cannot cherry pick classes. This is a program to be taken as a complete set of  accumulative teachings.

The first module is 2 weeks before Module I. After the first module, each of the classes will be taught online in a group setting once every 3 months. This 3 months gives you time to practice and write up your case studies between classes.


The total cost of the program is $2500. This includes the four core classes, the zoom check in classes after modules II-IV, our reading of, and giving you feedback on, 5/10 of your case studies for each module, and upon completion, our certification. Certification means we vouch for your work, as being at our standards.

The tuition can be broken into smaller parts and paid for in advance of the first class but the entire class fee must be paid in full before the program launches.

Note: If you have taken the Inner Tawantin with Joan and Christina you are eligible for a $200 discount on the EMC fee.



Once your four classes and 30 case studies are complete you will receive a certificate of completion form ASC!

Class size limited to 10.

Podcast about this work:

2022 Interview of Christina Allen on Healing Trauma by Olivia Young

2023 Interview of Christina Allen on Healing Trauma by the Shaman's Directory

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Online Introduction to Andean Mysticism

This is an introductory online class for those interested in testing the waters of Andean Mysticism as taught at ASC. The traditional Andean paq’os, or “shamans” live high in the mountains of Peru.They have a set of teachings, practices, and initiations unique to their environment, and an exemplary level of love and respect for one another that has served as a means of survival in these harsh conditions. Their whole world view or "Cosmovision" is based upon them. Often described as mystical in nature because they interact with the energetics of Creation directly, they focus on honing our everyday consciousness and refining our personal power to interact with these energies with the highest level of efficacy. They are truly Masters of the energetic realm.

The path of the Andean paq’o is a distinct form of “shamanism” that asks us to stay grounded and embrace our humanity, to see it as an instrument, not something to escape from or endure. Our job is to refine and hone these gifts, and to work with the personal limitations we put on ourselves, keeping us from that. We come equipped with everything we need to engage with the creative force effectively. The more aware we are of how we limit this and give out power away, the more effortless and more dynamic our exchanges become. This class is an  introductory exploration of these traditional teachings. It stands on its own as a sampler, or you can use it as a leaping point into the deeper teachings at ASC.

Content includes:

  • Learn the basic energy medicine principles of the Andean paq'o (the Quechua word for shaman or priest). 
  • Learn about your energetic anatomy, as taught in this tradition.
  • Learn how to engage the energetic world around you.
  • Learn about how to refine your 3 human powers and your paq'o capacities
  • Learn about the misha (or mesa) 
  • Step onto the path of honing your personal integrity, a profound journey to self mastery.

This sampler class is a basic introduction into the complex world and teachings of the Andean Cosmovision, as they have been passed down through oral tradition since before the Inka Empire. 

  • You can use these tools and this perspective to enhance your every day life.
  • It is a good basic introduction to the basics of Mystical Shamanism as taught at ASC. Get to know us!
  • This is also a good primer for the more advanced Andean Foundation series, if you have no experience with the tradition.

Spend a day dipping your feet in the water and familiarizing yourself with the basics. See if this is a path for you!

This is a single day, three and a half hour zoom class with a small break in the middle. Please clear your schedule so you can be completely present the entire time. These are sacred teachings. Please sign up when you can devote your entire time and attention to being in the class.

2024 Dates offered: 

  • January 14 

  • August 25

Time: 11:00 am-2:30 pm Central Time

Currently we are only offering this once in 2024.

Cost: $85 nonrefundable

Class size limited to 20

No recordings will be made, you must be able to attend.

When you sign up please indicate which of the above dates you are interested in.

Online SuperCeptor Strategies I

When we first realize we have psychic and empathic gifts we are often bowled over by them and do not know what to do. This is an online class for the SuperCeptor, or Super-Perceptive person. It is designed to help you hone your gifts and find ways to deal with your overwhelm, so you can be the superpower you are meant to be! 

Spend a day with Christina Allen learning how to apply methods she uses from the Andean Healing Arts to keep her cool in the world of energetic overload (it is strongly suggested that you take this class in tandem with the Inrtroduction to Andean Mysticism on the Sunday of the same weekend, as we will be drawing on the principles and practices defined there). Meet fellow sensitives!

Content includes:

  • Who are you as a physical, emotional, and energetic being?
  • What is yours and what is not? Learn how to deal with energies from other people and places that are not your own.
  • How do you turn it off??
  • Are you an antenna or a sponge? Using the teachings of the Andes to step out of energetic victim hood.
  • Learn about shadow and projection and how they can unconsciously undermine the accuracy of our perceptions.
  • Learn how to take responsibility for your experience of reality and how to set healthy boundaries.

Spend a day sharing with other sensitives and discussing strategies for how to engage with the energetic world from an empowered place. 

This is a single day, three and a half hour zoom class with a small break in the middle. Please clear your schedule so you can be completely present the entire time. These are sacred teachings and each person in the tribe matters! Please sign up when you can devote your entire time and attention to being in the class.

2022 Dates:

  • January 29

  • May 21

  • August 20

Time 11:00 am-2:30 pm Central Time

Cost: $85 (or add the Introduction to Andean Mysticism class on that same Sunday for a total of $160)

Class size limited to 20

No recordings will be made, you must be able to attend.

When you sign up please indicate which of the above dates you are interested in.

Join us for SuperCeptor Strategies II if you want more!!

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The Empowered Empath

Online Andean Foundation Training Series

The Andean Foundation Training

In the Andes there is a set of people called paqos, or priests, or shamans, who live everyday lives herding alpaca and planting potatoes, and yet they live in a world filled with magic and mystical engagement, every minute of every day! They know that the entire universe is animated and alive. Engaging with it is a natural part of their day, just like breathing. In their world the mountains are wise protector spirit beings and the waters and caves are sources of feminine nurturing. Life is a continuous exchange with this living field of energy that created them. Everything is in sacred exchange. And the beautiful thing is, they want to share this way of engaging the world. Part of their world view is that iif you have something valuable, you share it. The fastest runner teaches the slowest how to run better. In this light we share the Andean Foundation Training, as it has been shared with us, as a profound life enriching spiritual path.

In this set of 8 online classes (4 weekends) you will learn the foundational spiritual principles that guide the paqos, and the energy practices that allow them to keep moving, even when there is great heaviness in the world. Paqos are masters of this living energy. It is through their regular engagement with this energetic world that they develop heightened awareness and expanded levels of consciousness. They naturally become healers because of their understanding of how to move and tune energy. The higher level paqos even work with communities of people to shift them out of heaviness and into better health. In this tradition differences between people are celebrated and honored. What better time than now is there to step onto this path?

The series is sacred journey, with definitive steps, so it is important to set aside the time to dive in completely. Yes, it is online. The energy of creation is everywhere! You don't need to retreat to a sacred mountain getaway to do this, you just need to see the value in it and carve out some sacred time for yourself. Many of us gather in person to practice together and we also have international online groups. Strangely technology is reminding us that we are all connected, in every moment of every day! 

The Teachings

These are the sacred teachings of three old school Andean Master paqos, Don Bonito Qoriwaman, Don Andreas Espinoza, and Don Melchor Desa. They were originally taught to Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado of Peru, and then passed on to Joan Parisi Wilcox, who with their support, interviewed the Q’ero Indians extensively in 1994 and subsequently wrote Masters of Living Energy. Joan, Ivan, and Juan have spent numerous hours sharing their wisdom and these teachings with Christina. She has also sat with many of the paqos herself and learned directly from them.

Christina brings these teachings through in their traditional form. She infuses them with her deep understanding of physics, psychology, and neuroscience. The Andean Healing Arts are a living body of knowledge. They are a practice that can be used for many applications. In this vein Christina also brings to her teaching over 20 years of practical experience helping people heal from trauma. Part of any healing is creating new and healthier maps. The Andean Foundation Training is exactly that, a new healthier map to self empowerment. While these teachings are the path of the traditional paqo, this wisdom applies to anyone wanting to improve their relationships with self, nature and with others. 

A Path Of Spiritual Evolution and Self Actualization

These four weekends all one body of work designed to activate your true or core self (Inka Seed) and to give it license for divine expression. Each section (Paña, Chaupi, Llank'ay) comes from one of the three Master paqos Juan studied with.Traditionally paqos studied all three aspects. 

In these AFT classes we will use over 20 energetic practices, exercises, tools, initiations and teachings to take you through the alchemical process of becoming a paqo yourself. You will be taught the three main tools for moving energy and we will do many different group exercises to learn how to sense the nuances of the energetic world. You will learn how to create a misha (mesa), your power bundle, learn how to make despachos (prayer offerings), and you will be introduced to, and initiated into, the two main paqo lineages from the Andes, the Huaskar Lineage and the Inkari lineage, both originally Inka. 

You can take it for interest or you can put the process to use. There are optional homework assignments between each weekend that encourage your development and take you deeper onto the path of the paq’o.

Once you have completed the series with Christina you can return as many times as you'd like to retake it, at whatever donation you care to make, refining and deepening both your understanding of the material and its practices.

Content Includes:

  • The Paña, or right side of the path. These are the teachings of Master Don Benito Qoriwaman. This is the path of knowledge and wisdom, the yachay path. It teaches us about the Andean Cosmovision and how to interact with the external energetic world. We receive initiations, learn about how to engage the energetic world, begin the journey of honing our perceptions of energy, learn the core energetic practices of this tradition, learn about despachos, and we build a misha (mesa) or medicine bundle. We spend two weekends here.
  • The Chaupi, or middle path (traditional path of the Q'ero Indians). These are the teachings of Master Don Andreas Espinosa. This is the teaching of Munay, or unconditional love. This work is relational. It addresses your energetic exchanges with others. You will learn in depth about your energetic anatomy, as it is defined by the Andean systems, and your capacities. You will receive the bands of power and learn how use them to tune energy to several different frequencies as a healing practice. This is our 3rd weekend.
  • The Lloq'e, or left side of the path. These are the teachings of Master Don Melchor Desa. This is the path of action or llank'ay. It is the path of going within to refine your personal power, or karpay. We will do a lot of energetic exercises in this side to help you evolve to a person of great energetic effect. This is the path of action and embodiment, of purposely working on stepping yourself up to a more evolved and effective holder of personal power. This is our fourth and final weekend.

Why would someone want to take these classes?

We are all born with an Inka Seed beneath our hearts. It is ours to develop and to bring into its full potential. The more conscious we are, the more aware we are, the better we are able to do that. The more aware we are, the better we are able to hone our personal power and use it effectively, and express our Inka Seed without unconscious interference. And when we evolve we push the human collective consciousness forward. While some of you may want to use this material to lay down a foundation for being a more adept healer, this set of classes is also an effective set of teachings and exercises to help anyone become more aware and effective at whatever they do! From parent, to CEO.

It is strongly recommended, although not required, that if you have no experience with these teachings, you take the Introduction to Andean Mysticism online class at ASC before starting the AFT training. .

This series is taught as four weekend-classes spanning a period of two months. Please make sure you are available for the entire weekend class period, both Saturday and Sunday, for each of the four weekends. This is an alchemical process… Your presence and participation all the way through are essential if you want to “get it!”

This can be taken by recording only if you want, but it is highly recommended that you are present for each class if you truly want the benefits of this initiation. 


Podcast: Jason Grechanik of the Universe Within interviews Christina Allen about the Andean Path


New 2024 dates for the 4-weekend series: 

  • Winter Series: January 20/21, February 3/4, February 17/18, March 2/3

  • Fall Series: September 14/15, 28/29, October 12/13, 26/27

Time: 11:00 am-3:30 pm Central Time 


There will be 4 hours of instruction (with a small human comfort break midstream), initiations, and both group and partner practices each day. Please make sure your deck is clear when you commit to take these classes. They cannot be done effectively while multitasking! 

Class size limited to 20.

Cost: $650 nonrefundable fee for the whole series. Ask about breaking it into payments if you need to... Let's do this!

[Have you already taken the series? Come back for a repeat at the donation of your choice!] 


"Who would have thought internet conference technologies developed for traditional corporate business would become the backbone for new innovative platforms for delivering high quality non-traditional education. Christina's Andean Mysticism Program is a good case in point. Classes are easy to access regardless of where you are in the world ... Hong Kong, LA, London or Maui or a small ranch in the backwaters of NE Texas. What you give up in the in person educational experiences you more than make up in convenience, cost, and quality of instruction. And even the in person aspects have found new ways to be taught and experienced through this fascinating technology. Christina's Andean Mysticism Foundation Program gets a Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  rating. Extraordinary program with lots of energy work woven into the instruction. For me, the best program I have ever participated in within the field commonly referred to as "shamanic teachings". This is a truer teaching comparatively, the Lamborghini of Andean indigenous teachings." GAB

The Inner Tawantin

This is a set of four day-classes co-taught by Christina Allen and Joan Parisi Wilcox. It is designed to help you delve into the inner makings of our soul, or psyche, in an effort to become more self aware and masterful with the use of your personal power. Using a blend of Andean energy medicine concepts and practices (learned in the Andean Foundation training) and Jungian psychological concepts, we look at how we are generating hucha (heavy energy) by trying to be someone we may not actually be.

We all have an essence at the heart of who we are, in the Andean traditions it is called our Inka Seed, or Inka Muju. As we strive to be who we are "supposed to be," (as dictated to us by our engagements with our early caretakers, our environment, our institutions and the cultural consensus, through personal experience of what "works" and what does not), rather than who we came here to be, we can be at odds with the expression of our Inka Seed. We use this class to explore the four archetypes of our self development: The Persona, Shadow, Animus and Anima, and the Self. In this set of classes (a "tawantin" is a grouping of four, thus the "Inner Tawantin) we dive in deeply. Each 3 hour class is preceded by readings and pre-work that we use in class interactions and discussions, ultimately leading to a series of energetic exercises that take all this talk and wisdom into the experiential realm where we can actually start moving the hucha we have generated. It is a beautiful, deep, journey of self exploration that puts our healing arts into practice.

There are two class tracts in 2024, and class size is limited:

There are two class options to choose from:  

  • Sundays: March 17, May 19, July 21, September 22. 
  • Wednesdays: April 17, June 12, August 14, October 16. 

Class times are 1 pm – 4 pm ET, 12 pm – 3 pm CT, with a session held every two months.

Cost: the fee for  the course is a single nonrefundable payment of $300 USD. 

Prerequisite: You must have completed the three-part Andean Foundation Training (as taught by don Juan Nuñez del Prado, Christina or Joan Parisi Wilcox, or a teacher Juan has trained).

Registration: Please use the sign up form below to ensure there are still spaces available in the class you are inquiring about and to reserve your place. Please specify which class track you are interested in. 

The four-part series class “Inner Tawantan” was a powerful continuation of exploration and evolution of the self. It was a privilege to have both Christina Allen and Joan Parisi Wilcox as teachers. Both are amazingly brilliant, wise, insightful, and compassionate. I found that the pre-work given before each class nudged me to dive deeper into the theme of the class and then allowed me to have profound insights during the guided exercises. The class gave me new tools to navigate this world through the direction of my higher self, my Inka Seed, rather than creating hucha by sourcing from old wounds and negative voices. It is as if a veil has been removed and I can clearly sense so much more now, knowing the beauty in myself and all around me. It has truly made a tremendous difference! This is an excellent class to take again!

K.V. California

Online Paqo Practice groups

Well seasoned paqo practitioners Christina Allen and Joan Parisi Wilcox join forces to bring together paqos from all over the world to discuss concepts, share approaches and experiences, and to do energy practices. This is a small group of AFT graduates that meet once a month, live or through recording, to put the rubber to the road. We invite the group members to send in topics for discussion and then Joan and Christina create a group practice class out of your interests. These can be formally Andean, or discussions on how we would apply the Andean work to everyday concerns or even your healing practice. It is a way for you to deepen your relationship with the material learned in the Andean Foundation Training Series, be in community with other practicing paqos, and to put it into gear so it all works for you.

We have two levels of practice groups: The New Paqo Practice group is a six month paqo practice group for people new to the tradition. For those who are continuing on we have a year long ongoing Paqo Practice group (open to the New Paqo Practice group after their first 6 months end).


New Paqo Practice Groups: 

2024 Dates for new members:

Modays: January 15, February 19, March 18, April 22, May 20, and June 24. There is a commitment to six sessions, with the option to continue for another six months, which will take the ayllu through the end of a calendar year. (If you want to continue, you will join the long-term group and, so that you can plan ahead, here are the dates for the second half of the year: July 29, August 19, September 23 October 21, November 18, and December 16.)

Time: We will meet on Mondays on Zoom from 2 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern time US / 1 pm – 2:30 pm Central time US. (Adjust for your particular time zone.)

Cost: The non-refundable fee for six months of meetings is a single nonrefundable payment of $190.

While it is always better to be live in an ayllu meeting, if you can’t make a session, Joan will provide a Dropbox link to the audio recording.

Anyone who wants to continue after a year of classes we will invite into the 2025 Advanced Paqo Practice Group (see below).


Ongoing Paq'o Practice Group:

For those of you who have already been in a Paqo Practice group for six months or more (see above), and want to continue on with being part of a practicing paq'o community we have an advanced collective group. This group is ongoing with a choice to renew every 6 moths.

Dates: 2024

First cycle: Mondays: January 8, February 12, March 11, April 15, May 13, June 17
Second Cycle: Mondays: July 22, August 12, September 9, October 7 November 4, December 2

Again, while it is always better to be live in an ayllu meeting, if you can’t make a session, Joan will provide a Dropbox link to the audio recording.

Time: 1 pm – 2:30 CT,  2 pm – 3:30 ET

Cost: the non-refundable fee for each 6 month cycle is $190 

Please sign up with the link below and specify which group you are joining. These groups do require completion of the Andean Foundation Training with either Joan or Christina.

Personal Healing Sessions

In the West we think of ourselves primarily as minds and bodies, but in traditional indigenous communities it is our enteric “souls” that define our experiences. Most of us have places where time has condensed around unresolved emotional issues of our past, creating energetic residue and emotional triggers that continually derail us. This generates energetic sludge that affects our overall health, and emotional blocks that keep us stuck in destructive pattering. For some these blocks have manifested themselves more deeply as disease and injury. For others we just know things are stuck or not working. Although the reason is often unclear, because we have deeply buried it, we do know we need to shift somehow.

This is where shamanic healing shines over other forms of healing. First, shamanic healing, as taught at ASC, involves learning how to hold someone safely as they journey to their innermost self. It utilizes intensive tracking skills, for locating the origin of wounds, and their resultant limited beliefs and coping mechanisms. It requires mastery of Andean energetic clearing and tuning techniques, and it also requires an understanding of how to effectively employ consciousness shifting techniques, with breath, for example, to release the fear based mind from its grip on its identification with its story. All together this is a healing modality that digs in deep and makes lasting and effective changes that change people’s lives.

  • Do you have emotional triggers or limiting beliefs that take you completely off track?
  • Do you have irrational fears, abundance issues, or feel "cursed"?
  • Do you know something happened to you sometime in the past, something you can’t remember, and you need to heal from it before you can feel whole, but you don't know what it is, so you keep stumbling around it?
  • Are you having trouble moving on from a relationship, or wanting one but not finding it? Perhaps you are in a relationship and it has issues. Perhaps you have issues with intimacy or attachment.
  • Do you have an injury that will not heal, or a chronic illness?
  • Do you feel blocked from your "calling" and unable to move forward into your potential?
  • Do you have negative voices in your head that undermine your efforts, or make you loathe yourself?
  • Do you feel plagued by chronic illnesses such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or others that keep you from reaching your true potential?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a terminal illness that you feel may, or may not, be terminal but regardless, you need help healing your past and finally putting things to rest?
  • Do you need help coming to terms with the end of your life?
  • Do you feel derailed by events in your life, and like a piece of you has been lost?
  • Have you suffered a trauma you cannot seem to move past?
  • Do you feel like you are broken and part of you is missing?
  • Do you keep having the same kind of destructive or dysfunctional relationships, over and over?
  • Are you finding it difficult to take the next steps that will advance your career?
  • Are you having trouble integrating the experiences of your psychedelic therapy of ceremony?
  • Do you have inner children who need to be heard and helped to heal?

We all fix the things that we can on our own, but if our souls are wounded, all the affirmations, surgery, Reiki, and cognitive therapy work in the world cannot stop these dysfunctional patterns from reappearing. They are being run by unconscious programs that are sabotaging our efforts. Shamanic healing sessions are so effective because we help you shift out of your ordinary state of consciousness into one where you are more aware of your true self. All sessions start with meeting your soul and listening to where it says it is wounded. It can involve inner child work, soul retrieval, listening to your inner voices, reframing limited beliefs, intimacy and relationship work, personal power issues, working through trauma, processing dense emotions, working with boundaries, and reclamation of your power, just to name just a few. 

It is important to note that we heal in layers, for to do all this work at once would blow our circuits. At ASC we go session by session, at your pace, and at your request.

A typical session consists of roughly:

  • 30 minutes listening to your story, discussion of patterns and blocks
  • 50 minutes of energy clearing, tracking, paced breath work, processing, and energy realignment work
  • 10 minutes for re-framing and creating a healing map to go home with

This cannot be shortened into a smaller session, as this is generally the amount of time it takes to do the work properly. Most basic issues require 1-3 sessions done over a period of several weeks; more complex problems and serious diseases may require more sessions. Clients often say that one session cleared what they hadn't been able to clear in 15 years of therapy. Because we work at the level of the soul, and not just the mind, this work not only helps you see your issues, it can remove the triggers that keep you stuck and can help you reprogram both your brain and your patterns of behavior, eventually aligning you with whole new life trajectories, in some cases.

Because we are working at the energetic, and with the unconscious, sessions are equally effective in person as they are over the phone. The important part is that you are in a safe cozy place to do the work uninterrupted. 

Cost: All sessions run roughly 60-90 minutes.

  • Virtual session cost $175 each. You will be billed through PayPal or Venmo before the session begins. Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
  • In person sessions are currently $250

The fee for the healing work is for the healer's time and expertise. The work of Spirit is, of course, always free. 

Booking a session: Session times, in general, are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:00 am, and 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 pm Central Time. Please sign up with the form below to get a list of the current available openings!

Christina looks forward to working with you!

"Thank you Christina, for your life-altering work. What we accomplished with only one meeting was far greater than I accomplished in 52 years of therapy combined! You are a blessing and a gift."

E.R., Austin, Texas


2022 Podcast Interview on Christina's work by Olivia Young

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