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 The Energy Medicine Certification Program 


This is a two year premier shamanic healing program and an advanced path for those of you who want to put your paq’o wisdom into practice as a vocation. It begins with a series of three classes (modules I-III) meant to deepen your relationship with yourself, your psyche, Nature, and the Cosmos. We use ourselves to practice on in the first year. By learning about how we work, and where we get stuck, we can better hold space for our clients when that time comes. We also practice the core energy medicine practices of the Andean Foundation Series on ourselves in the first year to refine our skill sets, as we will use them with clients in the second year. The last class of the first year (IV) deepens our qaway, or sight, with many practices in and out of class so we are ready to dive in fully in year two. The second year is a second set of four classes (V-VIII) that will teach you about trauma, the nervous system, somatic release, soul healing, and how to effectively work with a client. You will learn how to hold a sacred healing space, create ceremonies, do soul retrieval, use breath work to shift consciousness and so much more. In all it is a program designed to give you a deep understanding of how healing works from the inside out, as an integration of body, mind, and soul. 

These classes will become available starting in 2022-2023, in an in person format only. 

Now is the time to take your prerequisites and to practice your skills!

 Energy Medicine Certification Program Requirements: 

  • Classes: All Energy Medicine Practitioners must be misha carriers who have completed the Online Andean Foundation Series prior to starting the EMC program (people new to the path may want to ease in with the Introduction to Andean Mysticism class). Taking the series will give you the tools to create your misha and direction on how to practice the core Andean Energy Medicine practices we use throughout the program: saminchaquy, saiwachaquy, hucha miqui, and humpe-munay.
  • Case Studies: As this is a certification program, it is for students who are serious about this as a vocation. Most professional certification programs require hours of supervised work or case studies. This program is no different. Case studies are how you learn the nuances of the material taught in class. To that end you must complete all the course work, in order, and complete ten case studies each for modules IV-VII to receive your certification. You will have 3 months between classes to complete and type up your 10 case studies. You must have all 10 completed before you can continue to the next module. This is a time investment of roughly 3 case studies a month. 


General Overall Program Content Covers:

  • The Psyche: Understanding the Shadow, Persona, Self, Limited Beliefs, Wounding, and how this affects the Poqp’o, energy field, or soul.
  • Trauma: Somatic Release, Understanding the brain and body in trauma and the concept of freeze. Learning how to thaw the freeze so somatic release can happen.
  • Neuropathway Reset: Ways of shifting consciousness in session to get out of the fear based brain, out of limited thinking and out of freeze.
  • Holding Space and Rapport: How to build trust and work with a client so they feel safe.
  • Tracking: Cultivating shamanic “seeing” states, or qaway, for seeing into the invisible and unconscious at various “frequencies” of information.
  • Mapping and Remapping: Healing is changing paradigms and creating reframes. You need to be able to identify themes and maps that are limiting your client and hold space for them to find more constructive ones. Then you will need to help them anchor these in.
  • Energetics: Running and tuning energy, mulching heavy energy, resetting, rebalancing, recalibrating the soul or energy field so it works more efficiently.
  • Soul retrieval, Inner Child Work, reparenting, addressing core limiting beliefs
  • Integration: Putting the pieces back together, who are your clients after they are not wounded and in trauma? What is your client’s new trajectory? How do you help them anchor that in?
  • Ceremony: Moving beyond the intellect with ceremony using the five elements and teqseapukuna.



(Must be done in order, each class is roughly 18 hours of class work.)

General schedule format for each of the 8 modules:

  • Fridays 1:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am-8:00 pm
  • Sundays: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Year One: Personal Work


I. The Psyche and the Soul: Emotional and Spiritual Wounding: This is a foundation class all about who we are as an essential self and how that gets lost in the expression of our personality, or as Carl Jung calls it, the Persona. Most wounding is reflected and acted out through the constellation of personality constructs we have made from the limited beliefs and coping mechanisms we wrap around our wounding. This class is about exploring our person, our roles and our stories. We practice identifying story themes. Looking at this in ourselves will help us understand it in our clientsWe will also work extensively with saminchaquy, saiwachaquy.

II. Shadow, Triggers and Limited Beliefs: The basic premise of this class is that in defining our personas, we have put into our unconscious the parts our ourselves we need to reclaim to heal. This is called Shadow. We can only see shadow through triggers, projection, and if we are lucky, in our limited beliefs. Each client comes to us with unconscious blocks and dysfunction hoping to reclaim the fluidity of their essential self. We work with our own shadow, triggers and limited beliefs, and our core energy practices, as we learn how to integrate our shadow elements more deeply for ourselves.

III. Transition, Transcendence, Reset: We will look at the brain, what happens to it in trauma, and ways to release trauma from the body and reset the brain. We will also learn about the effects of plant medicines in healing, from an academic perspective, and explore how to use other shamanic practices such as breath work, ceremony, sound, and drumming etc. as alternative and additional ways to transcend the mind’s grip on the body, as this is a path of Energy Medicine, or working with the energetic rather than the material. It is through shifting levels of consciousness that the brain can then reset and the body can then release. Learn about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Some part of us must die for us to heal. It is not easy to give up our grudges and our stories. Who will we be without them? A deep dive into how we hold on, what we gain from it, and the use of the concept of rebirth in our work to create new paths forward.

IV. Tracking, Timelines and Allies: This class is an intensive tracking class, using your qaway, to prepare you for all the tracking you will be doing as an Energy Medicine Professional. We will learn how to “see” or pull through information of various frequencies, physical, emotional, metaphoric, and energetic. We will be looking at systems such as the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems, and at muscles, bone and organs, but also the mental emotional states frozen in trauma, and the shadow children lost in the psyche. We will learn to track timelines, backwards and forwards, as well as study energetic anatomy from the traditional Andean perspective and relate it to the chakra system. We will also renew our connections with the Lineages, Apus, and Teqseapukuna. 


Year Two: Client Work


V. Clients and Imprints: In this class we learn how to work with energies from the Andean Cosmovision, sami, munay, and humpe-munay, in combination with breath work, to interface with the soul consciousness, the energy body, and the physical body, in a process we call samin mayu. We learn how to interview a client, help shift their consciousness through breath, remove the energetic imprints behind blocks, neurosis, and illness, and how to give clients the homework that will create new neural pathways in to brain to hold the energetic and consciousness shifts they just made. The tools from this class are used in all subsequent classes. 

VI. Soul Retrieval: We will explore the concept of shadow and how to heal the wounds of lost power from trauma. We will find unclaimed parts of ourselves within the unconscious or "underworld." We will learn how to retrieve lost soul parts and integrate them back into ourselves. We will work with inner children, and gifts from our higher selves as resources. We will learn how to identify the limiting beliefs born of these woundings, and how to create more constructive soul paths forward.  Inner child, reparenting.

VII. Ceremony: To heal we often have to die to who we were before. You cannot change from within the security files you created to feel safe. You must die to who you have been. Here we explore how to provide a ceremonial process in which your client can make shifts their intellect can’t grasp through, the use of ceremony.

VIII. Integration: Once we have died to who we were we need to find a path forward. This is a class designed to help the client plot a new path into their new story. it is one of the most fundamental parts of the healing process. OK, you broke it all down... where do we go from here... This class is tools to help your client figure that out.


This is a two year program with a limited class size of 10 participants to emphasize personal feedback, a deep development of self, and the skills it takes to hold space for another to heal. 

Cost of this 2 year, 144 class hour program, plus feedback on your individual case studies, is $6000 is for the entire series. This can be broken into two annual payments of $3000 or payments of $750/module if need be. It can be paid in smaller parts as well, given the class is paid for before it begins. The classes will be offered quarterly or every three months, on a full Friday-Sunday weekend throughout the year from (year one) February- November 2022 and (year two) March-December 2023. 

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Online Introduction to Andean Mysticism

This is an introductory online class for those interested in testing the waters of Andean Mysticism as taught at ASC. The traditional Andean paq’os, or “shamans” live high in the mountains of Peru.They have a set of teachings, practices, and initiations unique to their environment, and an exemplary level of love and respect for one another that has served as a means of survival in these harsh conditions. Their whole world view or "Cosmovision" is based upon them. Often described as mystical in nature because they interact with the energetics of Creation directly, they focus on honing our everyday consciousness and refining our personal power to interact with these energies with the highest level of efficacy. They are truly Masters of the energetic realm.

The path of the Andean paq’o is a distinct form of “shamanism” that asks us to stay grounded and embrace our humanity, to see it as an instrument, not something to escape from or endure. Our job is to refine and hone these gifts, and to work with the personal limitations we put on ourselves, keeping us from that. We come equipped with everything we need to engage with the creative force effectively. The more aware we are of how we limit this and give out power away, the more effortless and more dynamic our exchanges become. This class is a two day introductory exploration of these traditional teachings. It stands on its own as a sampler, or you can use it as a leaping point into the deeper teachings at ASC.

Content includes:

  • Learn the basic energy medicine principles of the Andean paq'o (the Quechua word for shaman or priest). 
  • Learn your energetic anatomy, as taught in this tradition, and how to keep it clean and clear so it is most effective.
  • Learn how to engage the energetic world around you.
  • Put together your misha (mesa), or traditional Andean medicine bundle.
  • Learn what are the 7 universal energy spirits are and how to engage them.
  • Learn about the three worlds and how to engage them for your personal development.
  • Step onto the path of honing your personal integrity, a profound journey to self mastery.


This sampler class is a basic introduction into the complex world and teachings of the Andean Cosmovision, as they have been passed down through oral tradition since before the Inka Empire. 

  • You can use these tools and this perspective to enhance your every day life.
  • It is a good basic introduction to the core of Mystical Shamanism taught at ASC. 
  • This is also a good primer for the more advanced Andean Foundation series, if you have no experience with the tradition.

Spend two days dipping your feet in the water and familiarizing yourself with the basics. See if this is a path for you!

This is a two day class, 2 hours Saturday and 2 hours Sunday, with a small break in the middle of each. 

2021 Dates offered: 

  • March 20-21

  • June 5-6 

  • August 28-29

Time: 11:00 am-2:00 pm Central Time


Cost: $125

Class size limited to 20

No recordings will be made, you must be able to attend both classes.

When you sign up please indicate which date you are interested in.

Online Andean Foundation Series

This set of online classes are the foundation teachings of the Andean Healing Arts as originally taught by Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado of Peru. Juan, initially an anthropologist from Cuzco, studied under three Andean Masters in Peru and was in the last classes of the Q'ero "paq'o (Andean shaman) school" before it eventually shut down in the 1980's. Ivan is his very adept son and a Master in his own right. He was initiated into the lineages, along with his father, when he was at the age of 7. Together, Juan and Ivan are considered two of the primary keepers of this ancient Andean wisdom in Peru. As such they are deeply respected by the remaining Andean Masters and elders for keeping their traditional medicine and teachings pure and alive.

Joan Parisi Wilcox, author of Masters Of Living Energy, was encouraged by Juan to share these teachings in North America in 2015 after studying with him for decades. She shared them with Christina, mentored her extensively, and introduced her to don Juan and don Ivan. Christina and Joan have since met regularly with don Juan and don Ivan, going ever deeper into the nuances of this material. Christina now shares the content of these teachings in her own way. Her focus is to keep these traditional versions of the medicine alive as they were originally taught and to bring them through through to the western wold in a language that is both poignant and effective. She therefore draws on concepts from science and Jungian psychology to do this. This set of four weekends is her version of these ancient teachings based on her guidance from Juan, Ivan, and Joan.

A Path Of Spiritual Evolution

The main theme of this journey is that of increasing our levels of everyday consciousness and honing our perceptive abilities to have increased personal power, or effect, in both the energetic and material world. You can use this facility, once cultivated, however you choose. As adept paq'os (Andean shamans) we interact consciously with the Universal energies in an exchange called ayni. The energetic world responds to our level of ayni in kind, affecting our experiences in the material world. The more aware we are and the more refined our perceptions are the better our exchange with the Universe becomes. This set of classes will give you a practical set of skills and practices for engaging in your every day life more effectively, whatever your vocation is. 

In these AF classes you will be taught the three main tools for moving energy, and we will do many different group exercises to clean, clear, and empower ourselves. Together, it is all one body of work designed to activate your true self and put it into gear. Each section focuses on a different but complementary aspect of the Andean Cosmovision. Traditionally Paq'os studied all three aspects.

In the end you will have a path for evolving your consciousness toward one of an enlightened being, one who has integrated both their darkness and their divinity. In this integration you refine your personal power, and finally your ayni. In so doing you can have more and more reach and an increasingly larger effect on the world at large. How far you take it will be up to you... but the sky is the limit, as they say!

These four weekends serve as the foundation for your training as a paq'o in the Peruvian Andean energetic healing arts. You will learn how to create a misha (mesa), learn how to make despachos (prayer offering), and you will be introduced to two main lineages from the Andes, the Huaskar Lineage and the Inkari lineage. You will be initiated into theses lineages and learn the teachings from three master paq'os, don Juan's three master fourth level teachers. You will learn about the Andean Cosmovision, many useful energy practices, and be introduced into the steps to take your level of everyday consciousness higher. This series is the basis, or foundation, of all our other trainings. You can take it for interest or go deeper with optional homework assignments between each class that encourage your development and take you deeper onto the path of the paq'o.

Content Includes:

  • The Paña, or right side of the path. These are the teachings of Master Don Benito Qoriwaman. This is the path of knowledge and wisdom, the yachay path. It teaches us about the Andean Cosmovision and how to interact with the external energetic world. We receive initiations, learn about how to engage the energetic world, begin the journey of honing our perceptions of energy, learn the core energetic practices of this tradition, learn about despachos, and we build a misha (mesa) or medicine bundle. We spend two weekends here.
  • The Chaupi, or middle path (traditional path of the Q'ero Indians). These are the teachings of Master Don Andreas Espinosa. This is the teaching of Munay, or unconditional love. This work is relational. It addresses your energetic exchanges with others. You will learn in depth about your energetic anatomy, as it is defined by the Andean systems, and your capacities. You will receive the bands of power and learn how use them to tune energy to several different frequencies as a healing practice. This is our 3rd weekend.
  • The Lloq'e, or left side of the path. These are the teachings of Master Don Melchor Desa. This is the path of action or llank'ay. It is the path of going within to refine your personal power, or karpay. We will do a lot of energetic exercises in this side to help you evolve to a person of great energetic effect. This is the path of action and embodiment, of purposely working on stepping yourself up to a more evolved and effective holder of personal power. This is our fourth and final weekend.

Why would someone want to take these classes? They are based on an ancient system of self development, considered a path to enlightenment. We are all born with an Inka Seed behind our hearts. It is ours to develop and bring into its full potential. The more conscious we are the more aware we are. The more aware we are the better we are able to hone our personal power and use it effectively.  While some of you may want to use this material to lay down a foundation for being a more adept healer, this set of classes is an effective set of teachings and exercises on their own to help you become more aware and effective at whatever you do!

It is strongly recommended, if you have no experience with these teachings, that you take the Introduction to Andean Mysticism online class at ASC before starting the AF training, and if you have time, read Joan Parisi Wilcox's book Masters of Living Energy. The intro class covers the basic lay of the land and familiarizes you with concepts and Quechua terminology we will be going into depth with in the AF. This path is both a shift in cultural perspective and yet also a set of universal principles. Taking the intro class and reading the book will open you up to the language and concepts of this world and to its thinking.

This series is taught as four weekend-classes spanning a period of two months. We are offering it three times this year: Winter, Spring, and Fall. Please make sure you are available for the entire weekend class period, both Saturday and Sunday, and for each of the four weekends. Your presence and participation are imperative!. This cannot be taken by recording.


New 2022 dates for the 4-weekend series: 

  • Winter Series: January 29/30, February 12/23, February 26/27, March 12/13

  • Spring Series: April 9/10, 23/24, May 7/8, 21/22

  • Fall Series: September 17/18, October 1/2, 15/16, 23-24


Time: 11:00 am-3:00 pm Central Time.

There will be 4 hours of instruction each day (with a small break midstream), initiations, and both group and partner practices. Please wait until your deck is clear to take these classes. They are sacred teachings and cannot be done while multitasking or as a drive-by sort of thing. You need to be there, fully present, both days, for the entire class time, on all four weekends!

Class size limited to 20.

Cost: $650 for the series.

When you sign up please indicate which set of three series you are signing up for, Winter, Spring or Fall.

"Who would have thought internet conference technologies developed for traditional corporate business would become the backbone for new innovative platforms for delivering high quality non-traditional education. Christina's Andean Mysticism Program is a good case in point. Classes are easy to access regardless of where you are in the world ... Hong Kong, LA, London or Maui or a small ranch in the backwaters of NE Texas. What you give up in the in person educational experiences you more than make up in convenience, cost, and quality of instruction. And even the in person aspects have found new ways to be taught and experienced through this fascinating technology. Christina's Andean Mysticism Foundation Program gets a Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  rating. Extraordinary program with lots of energy work woven into the instruction. For me, the best program I have ever participated in within the field commonly referred to as "shamanic teachings". This is a truer teaching comparatively, the Lamborghini of Andean indigenous teachings." GAB

Online SuperCeptor Classes

When we first realize we have psychic and empathic gifts we are often bowled over by them and do not know what to do. This is an online class for the SuperCeptor, or Super-Perceptive person. It is designed to help you hone your gifts and find ways to deal with your overwhelm, so you can be the superpower you are meant to be! 

Spend two days with Christina Allen sharing with other SuperCeptors and learning how to apply methods she uses from the Andean Healing Arts to keep her cool in the world of energetic overload.

Content includes:

  • Who are you as a physical, emotional, and energetic being?
  • What is yours and what is not? Learn how to deal with energies from other people and places that are not your own.
  • How do you turn it off??
  • Are you an antenna or a sponge? Using the teachings of the Andes to step out of energetic victim hood.
  • Learn about shadow and projection and how they can unconsciously undermine the accuracy of our perceptions.
  • Learn how to hone your perceptions so you can track energetically, rather than guess surmise, infer, and project.
  • Learn how to take responsibility for your experience of reality and how to set healthy boundaries.


2021 Dates:

  • July 10-11

  • November 6-7

Time 11:00 am-2:00 pm Central Time

Cost $125

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