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Traditionally shamans are the equivalent of priests in tribal communities. As such they officiate over the various ceremonies in their tribe, from births to death, from Rites of Passage to Weddings. As a trained shaman and Minister of The Church of Life,  Christina is available to her community to perform Fire Ceremonies, Birth Ceremonies, Weddings, Rites of Passage and Death Rites. Ceremonies are about marking a transition. Austin Shamanic Center can help you design the ceremony of your dreams. And no, we do not offer Ayahuasca ceremonies!

Prices depend on the scope of the ceremony. Contact us for details.

Fire Ceremonies

A fire ceremony is a rite that takes place around a fire ring. Each participant chooses some negative aspect of himself or herself that he/she is done embodying, like envy, being a victim or possessiveness, or any resistance that is holding them back. Within the protection of the four directions and Sacred Space this attribute is blown into a stick and burned up. In this context the stick represents the death of an old part of your self. As the sunlight from within the stick is released it clears your way for a transition or new beginning. Use it for birthdays, anniversaries or following a breakup. It is also an excellent way of marking a graduation to another level of spiritual evolution through healing, therapy or rehab.

Despacho Ceremony

A despacho ceremony is based on the Quero Indian tradition of building of a prayer bundle to give thanks for what has yet to manifest bringing participants into alignment with their personal intent, or if in a group, the group intent. It is filled with flowers and treats, offerings of gratitude to the Earth and the Stars for hearing our prayers so that balance is restored. These ceremonies can be woven into any rite of passage. It opens paths to new beginnings of any sort (such as births of any type and weddings), shifts stagnant situations (perhaps a house is not selling or a relationship has stalled) and puts closure to things that have come to an end (breakups and deaths of any sort).

Rites of Passage

In many cultures it is important to mark major transitions in our lives with a ceremony or ritual. Using any of the Five Elements, (earth, water, air, fire and Spirit) as well as despacho and Fire ceremonies Christina will help you create a memorable transition, whether purely personal or as a public gathering. Create a ceremony for the birth of your child, for reaching puberty, for becoming an adult or parent or for becoming an elder.


In addition to her training as a shaman Christina holds a Certificate of Ministry from The Church of Life and is therefore able to legally perform Wedding Ceremonies. She works with the Bride and Groom to come up with vows and a ceremony that fit their individual needs and dreams.

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