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Shamans, or paq’os, as they are called in the high Andes, are the equivalent of priests in tribal communities. As such they hold space and facilitate transitions from one state of being to another through what we call ceremonies. As a seasoned paqo, or shaman and Integration Guide, Christina is available to help you design individual ceremonies for your own personal transitions, in a sacred way. 

And no, we do not offer group Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Prices depend on the scope of the ceremony. Contact us for details.

Despacho Ceremony

A despacho, or Haywarisqa, ceremony is based on the Q'ero Indian tradition of building of a prayer bundle to give thanks for what has yet to manifest bringing participants into alignment with their personal intent, or if in a group, the group intent. It is filled with flowers and treats, offerings of gratitude to the Earth and the Stars for hearing our prayers so that balance is restored. These ceremonies can be woven into any rite of passage. It opens paths to new beginnings of any sort (such as births, of any type, and weddings), shifts stagnant situations (perhaps a house is not selling or a relationship has stalled) and puts closure to things that have come to an end (breakups and deaths of any sort). Traditionally they are offered for three things: 1. As a request, 2. In payment for something (as a gratitude offering), 3. To make amends.

Deep Healing Ceremonies and Wellness Sessions:

Sometimes, if we have suffered from trauma that is hard to release, or even remember, we need to go deeper than a 90 minute healing session to get to the bottom of things. This is a very high end offering at ASC available to our established clients only. Spend a day going deep using any number of various shamanic tactics to get in, re-member, and reshape your interior landscape. Connect with your soul essence for a reset. And then integrate. If you are interested in this path you will want to start your journey with at least one, if not several, 90 minute healing sessions (you can sign up on that page by clicking the link). We need to establish rapport and get know each other a bit before we dive in at this level!

"Thank you so much for all of this Christina. It is the greatest gift of my life, and the most compassionate and loving thing I've ever experienced. I am forever grateful. Truly.

Carol Ann Britain, Yoga Teacher, Paq'o, Austin, Tx.

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