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Workshops and Retreats

Our workshops at ASC are all currently in an online format.

The Introduction to Andean Mysticism is the place most people without any experience with this material start the path, but it is not required. You can jump straight into the AFT but it is a serious commitment. You may want to test the waters before you jump in.

All of our workshops, whether online or in person, endeavor to bring through the ancient wisdom and practices of ancient traditional Andean teachings in a sacred and reverent way. The focus here is on evolving your consciousness to be congruent with the Source energies... You can be anywhere to learn about it, and you can work with it from any place! 

  • Tools for the SuperCeptor (explore your psychic sensitivites and how to use and manage them)
  • Introduction to Andean Mysticism (where you start the Andean path)
  • Andean Foundation Training Series, or AFT (prerequisite for all the other ASC classes)
  • Inner Tawantin (perosan actualization workshop co-taught by Christna Allen and Joan Parisis Wilcox, prerequisite for the Energy Medicine Program)
  • Andean Master's class (an advanced class based on the AFT)
  • Practice groups with Christina Allen and Joan Parisi Wilcox (based on the AFT)
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Energy Medicine Certification Program

The Energy Medicine Certification Program

The 2024 Energy Medicine Certification program is as an online professional healing program. It is designed for people who want to deepen their healing practices using the Andean Healing Arts. This program is focused primarily on employing energy medicine in the context of helping clients overcome the damaging effects of trauma. The following background in the Andean Healing Arts and psychology is necessary:

The following background in the Andean Healing Arts is necessary:

  • Completing the Online Andean Foundation Training Series (AFT) is a prerequisite (you may want to start with the Online Introduction to Andean Mysticism to get a head start on the material). This is NOT the Mesa Carrier series or the FW Medicine Wheel work. Whole those are helpful, even if you have taken those classes you will still need to learn the energetic foundation work in the AFT.
  • You must have a Misha, or ritual bundle (you will learn how to put one together in the AFT and you can go even deeper with the Misha carrier series.
  • The Online Inner Tawantin is also a prerequisite, once you have completed the Andean Foundation Training Series.
  • It is recommended that you do at least one healing session with Christina, so you know what it is you are studying from the inside out.
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Healing Sessions

Shamanic healings at ASC are one-on-one sessions designed to help you access the unconscious aspects of yourself that keep you in dysfunctional life patterns, in trauma, and in chronic illness or physical limitation. The healing work at ASC is of a psycho-spiritual nature, it is a journey into finding and processing the aspects of your psyche, or soul wounding, that create dense emotional and energetic blocks holding you back in separation, suffering, and often illness. It involves energetic, emotional, and somatic release and reformatting. And it involves YOU! Ultimately healing is to reclaim ourselves, to re-member ourselves... to find peace, re-establish balance, and to anchor in our personal integrity. Chistina is here to help you facilitate that process.

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Private Consultations

Private Consultations are three forms of mentoring to help you along the way when you need a consult but not deep healing work. They differ from Healings in that no soul clearing work is done.

  • Personal Mentoring and Integration
  • Despacho Ceremony 
  • Professional Mentoring 
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Shamans, or paq’os, as they are called in the high Andes, are the equivalent of priests in tribal communities. As such they hold space and facilitate transitions from one state of being to another through what we call ceremonies. As a seasoned paqo, or shaman, Integration Guide, and as a Minister of The Church of Life, Christina is available to help you design individual ceremonies for your own personal transitions, in a sacred way. 

And no, we do not offer group Ayahuasca ceremonies.

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