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Workshops and Healing Retreats

We currently offer the following workshops and healing retreats in the Austin, Texas area.  All classes are limited to twelve people unless otherwise noted, to keep them small and intimate. Because class size is limited it is highly recommended that you sign up, and pay a deposit, in advance to secure your seat. To register for a class please use the sign up bottom below!!

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Energy Medicine Certification Program

Once one is a shaman initiate, or Full Mesa Carrier, they have become a hollow bone, and are ready to train as an Energy Medicine practitioners, or Modern Day Shaman. By combining ancient knowledge and wisdom with cutting edge scientific research, the modern day shaman is a well balanced shamanic healer. This training teaches you how to work with clients to maximize their healing experience. It is aimed at anyone wanting to deepen their energy medicine practices and is a great complement to established healing, medical and counseling professions. Becoming  Full Mesa Carrier is a prerequisite.

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Healing Sessions

Shamanic healings at ASC are one-on-one sessions designed to help you access the unconscious aspects of yourself that keep you in dysfunctional life patterns and in illness. Your soul is a living energy field that contains the entire personal consciousness, or psyche, of who you are, and have ever been. Often our minds bury the uncomfortable aspects, however, in a effort to better “function.”  When we suffer from trauma, or deep wounding, for example, we may tell ourselves we are fine, but if we are still experiencing blocks, stagnation, immobility, and illness, to name a few, this wounding is at the level of the soul and until is is addressed there, it is still unresolved, and will continue to pop up. Through the use of breath work and ancient Andean energetic practices, Christina helps you step out of your wounded psyche state, and into a place of Grace, where you can reset and restore balance to your lives on all levels, and hold it.

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Private Consultations

Private Consultations are two forms of mentoring to help you along the way when you need a consult but not healing work. They differ from Healings in that no energy, or deep soul clearing work is done. It is strictly at the level of conversation.

In the Personal Mentoring sessions we often use sacred tools to flesh out the unconscious aspects of self asking for integration. This is perfect for dream work interpretation and plant medicine integration.

The Professional Mentoring sessions allow the Healer a way of getting professional guidance as they evolve with their medicine. It is offered as a way of answering any professional questions you may have as you step more deeply into your profession. It is most useful for graduates of ASC's EMC program.

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Shamans, or paq’os, as they are called in the high Andes, are the equivalent of priests in tribal communities. As such they hold space and facilitate transitions from one state of being to another through what we call ceremonies. As a trained shaman, Integration Guide, and as a Minister of The Church of Life, Christina is available to help you design individual ceremonies for your own personal transitions, in a sacred way, and to help you integrate afterwards if needed. 

And no, we do not offer group Ayahuasca ceremonies.

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