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October 01, 2019

The Empowered Empath

Tags: SuperCeptor, Empath, Picking up heavy energy, psychic overwhelm

People who are drawn to do healing work, counseling, and social work are often very empathic. They instantly feel the emotional state of another. This can be a great gift in these fields, as it helps create instant rapport, but for many this can also be a burden. We are not born knowing how to deal with the overload of all of the incoming information, nor how to sort through what is ours, and what belongs to another, we are just wired to pick it all up.

In youth an empath may not even recognize that they are different; we all assume our normal is everyone else’s. After some time, however, we find we cry easier, melt down easier, and are singled out as “overly” sensitive. Depending upon how supported we are, this “oversensitivity” can become a journey of self medicating and not fitting in. As the overload redlines our stress response capacity, our anguish often leads people uncomfortable with emotion to reject us. This, of course, affects our self esteem. 

February 01, 2016

Fight Flight Or Freeze

Tags: Anxiety, SuperCeptor, Highly Sensitive Person, Fear, Spiritual Angst, Depression, Fight or Flight, HPA Axis

One of the most crippling side effects of being highly sensitive is running high levels of anxiety. Sensitives, or SuperCeptors, are highly tuned to pick up on the nuances of their environments, keeping their bodies forever on alert. They are not the only ones, however. Anyone who has been imprinted by a stressful or traumatic period in their life, also has a brain tempered for further stress.

In the first five years of our lives everyone’s brain is being “tuned” for how it is going to react to the world. If those first years are filled with high levels of stress, we develop a brain prepared for more. Unfortunately, this creates a “trigger happy” stress response ready for danger behind every corner.

April 01, 2015

Are You A Sponge Or Are You A Maserati?

Tags: SuperCeptors, Senstives, Emapths

So you are a Sensitive, you pick up on everything in your environment, from people’s emotions and the collective consciousness, to solar flares....  But does this mean you are inherently a sponge?  Many people who are sensitive to the energetic world fear  that they will absorb other people’s emotions and attract negative energies and entities when they are out in public places. This does not, however, have to be true. Wouldn’t it be nice if this sensitivity came with a manual?!

Empaths are designed to feel other peoples emotions but not to carry them. If we are carrying others’ emotions past any point of just noticing them, this is a result of our belief systems and imprints, not our perceptive skills. Absorbing emotions is actually something we chose to do, consciously or unconsciously, as a way to clean up our own emotional environments. By sparing someone else the pain of carrying their own feelings we can make them more available to us. If our mother is sad, for example, we may learn at an early age that if we absorb her feelings she will be happier and more present if we absorb her pain. Alternatively, if we are in a room with a very stressed individual or group of individuals, we may absorb the stress just to make the room more inhabitable for ourselves.

September 01, 2014

Reclaiming Your Innate SuperPowers

Tags: SuperCeptors, Highly Sensitive Person, Guides, Mystics, Shamans, mystery schools

In her book The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine Aron notes that 20 percent of the  human population is born with a level of sensitivity that is markedly different than the average person’s. They are the gifted intuitives and empaths among us. One in five of us has these gifts! In the days of old we were the treasured healers, oracles, mediums, channels and shamans of our community. Unfortunately, in a period of dark human history that we are just now awaking from, we were shamed into hiding and denying our true nature for fear of losing our lives. Suffering through rigid educational systems and roles that overload our delicate nervous systems, our current survival options eventually break us down. We are then dismissed as weak and... well... Sensitive, continuing the cycle of shame!

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