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March 01, 2015

Souler Flux

Tags: Space weather, Solar flares, Symptoms of Solar Flares, Solar Maximum

Since 2008 we have been in the middle of dismantling old cultural paradigms that no longer serve us so that new ones can come through in 2016. The sun is coming out of a parallel phase of high activity that peaked in 2013. Every eleven years the amount of solar activity, the number of large solar flares that happen over a given year, ramps up to markedly higher levels and then back down. Solar flares are bursts of light and electromagnetically charged plasma that erupt from the sun’s surface and blast out into space. If the sunspot emitting the burst is pointed toward Earth, we are in the direct line of fire for receiving this electromagnetic radiation. Most of us are familiar with the Aurora Borealis, these are created by these blasts from the sun interacting with the earth’s magnetosphere.

August 16, 2013

Soular Evolution

Tags: vibration, awareness, brain, Co-Creation, coherence, Collective Consciousness, Frequency, Measurements, Paradigm shift, Receptivity, Solar Flares

Here is food for thought... I just measured the slow pulse that rolls through my body every time we get irradiated by the flare debris. It is 25 cycles/min or .42 Hz. This is considered the Epsilon brain wave state and is veeeerrryyy slowwww. It is thought to be a very large amplitude wave (which is what makes it slow) that carries high frequencies, like gamma and lambda, within it. Much like radio stations stations send out large "carrier waves" with our favorite songs within them, I am suggesting we are receiving information in these very large amplitude (low frequency) pulses from the sun...

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