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January 01, 2021

What is new for 2021?

Tags: Andean Mysticism, Classes for 2021, Shamanism Courses, Online Shamanic Studies

Whew! Well that was a crazy year!

We are taking this opportunity to ride the wave of chaos and destruction of 2021 and make some foundational changes and shifts in our own programs at ASC. We are going deeper into the Authentic teachings of the Andean Mystics and redesigning our programs a bit to fully embrace the traditional "shamanic" magic of the Andes. And for this year we are going online...

People are wondering what they can take at ASC this year... Well, we are still stuck with a raging pandemic as of January, and all the fear that makes coming together in person so difficult right now. This will probably last into the summer. We all want to gather, but this pandemic has put a damper on things. Let's take this time to till the soil and plant new seeds. Our offerings this year are with that in mind...

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