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June 04, 2015

True Mastery

Tags: Mastery, inspiration

It is the ego's grip on identifying itself that gets in the way of true Mastery and Wisdom.
The true Mystic is not a self to be identified with but a state of being.
To identify with this state as an identity creates separation, for the ego cannot accept a self without imposing edges.
Separation, however, invites doubt, second guessing and general neurosis.

The Master rides this state of being like a surfer rides a wave.
She/He does not presume to own it or barter with it for sustenance... this would be like boxing up the ocean and offering it for sale.
Ask not "what is this, who am I, what do I know...."
To do so, spits you out of the ride and onto the sandy shores...
Spread out your arms instead,
Align your heart to the rhythm of the waves...
It is not yours to own but is yours to "be."

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