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January 01, 2016

The Fifth Element

Tags: Ether, Five Elements, Fifth Element, Moderm Shaman, Lao Tzu, Shamanism

Consider a clay pot. It starts from minerals found in the earth. Mixed with water it becomes a malleable substance that can be shaped into a form. Bake it in a fire, stoked by the winds of the bellows, and you temper that object, giving it a strength that can hold up under use. Just as this pot is born of the four basic Elements of Creation, Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, so too are we. But as every alchemist and shaman knows, there is a fifth element at play as well.

From the beginning of time, cultures have broken Nature down into its basic constituents in an effort to better thrive on Planet Earth. Ancients alchemists recognized that there is a visible world constructed of four basic elements. Each one has a different  temperament. Water, for example, has the uncanny ability to shift forms. It can move from solid ice, to a liquid, and finally to gaseous steam. Fire, alternatively, has the properties of transmutation. It consumes entire forests, for example, making way for new growth. From the subtle flap of a tiny butterfly wing powerful Winds arise, and of course there is the Earth element, giving us the basis of all structure and form. The fifth element, Ether, they say, is more elusive. It is the consciousness between atoms, the very fabric of the sky.

January 01, 2014

Becoming a Mesa Carrier

Tags: Mesa Carrier, Five Elements, Co-Creation, Q'ero Indians

It is a crazy time to be on the planet right now! The problems are so big most of us feel helpless. What do we do about the economy, Fukushima, climate changes...where do we even start? As strange as it may seem, deepening your spiritual path may be the answer. Because we are all connected, the more each of us takes responsibility for raising our personal vibration the more we help shift the vibration of the entire planet. Our personal vibration raises and lowers with the way we think, or visualize, how conscious we are and how we walk our talk. Becoming more aware of our ego, and the shadows it casts, is the first step to becoming conscious. When we are aware of what we are creating we can then start taking responsibility for our actions and create consciously. This raises our vibration. For many people the Shamanic path is an excellent way to refine this journey of soul awareness. Based on thousands of years of wisdom, it steps you out of Victim Consciousness and into the responsibility of being a Co-Creator.

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