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January 01, 2021

What is new for 2021?

Tags: Andean Mysticism, Classes for 2021, Shamanism Courses, Online Shamanic Studies

What is new at ASC in 2021?

Whew! Well that was a crazy year! 

We are taking this opportunity to ride the wave of chaos of 2021 and make some foundational changes and shifts in our own programs at ASC. We are going deeper into the authentic teachings of the Andean Mystics and redesigning our programs a bit to fully embrace the traditional "shamanic" magic of the Andes. And at least for this year we are going online...

In addition to the SuperCeptor work, help for those of you coming into your psychic, and empathic gifts, we are going to focus primarily on introducing traditional Andean Shamanism, as it was taught in the paq'o schools of Peru. The Introduction to Andean Mysticism is where you go to get your feet wet. The Online Andean Foundation Course series takes you deeper into the basics for the Andean Healing Arts. All these classes are the foundation for any further work at ASC, so take this year to dig in.

Since ASC leases space to do our in-person workshops usually a year in advance of our programs... we cannot schedule the 8 month in-person series like the Mesa Carrier series or the EMC Program right now with any certainty during COVID... This gives us the opportunity, however, to update and revise them into a more powerful and effective set of teachings... so stay tuned... This year we are going to focus on returning to the roots of this medicine, creating more fertile soil that we can use to nourish our beautiful souls in. This is a year of deepening our roots, and laying down the basics for ASC's next incarnation.

As with all things, it makes sense to start at the energetic and move into form when the time is right!

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