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January 01, 2021

What is new for 2021?

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What is new at ASC in 2021?

Whew! Well that was a crazy year! 

We are taking this opportunity to ride the wave of chaos and destruction of 2021 and make some foundational changes and shifts in our own programs. We are going deeper into the Authentic teachings of the Andean Mystics and redesigning our programs a bit to fully embrace the traditional "shamanic" magic of the Andes. 

People are wondering what they can take at ASC this year... Well, we are still stuck with a raging pandemic as of January, and all the fear that makes coming together in person so difficult right now. This will probably last into the summer. Since ASC leases space to do our workshops usually a year in advance of our programs... we cannot schedule in-person series like the Mesa Carrier series or the EMC Program right now with any certainty... so instead of trying to read the tea leaves, or coca, as the tradition would more likely lend itself to, we are going to take at least the first part of this year to deepen our roots in the laying down the basics... focusing on creating a SuperCeptor program and a foundation of the Andean basics, online. These teachings are core to all the in-person work we do, so it's an opportunity to create some fertile soil that we can nourish our beautiful souls in.

So... this year, in addition to the SuperCeptor work, we are going to focus primarily on teaching the Andean Foundation Course on-line. These teachings, from the Waskar and Inkari lineages of Peru (direct descendants of the Inka), have been gifted to Christina to teach directly from her work with Joan Parisi Wilcox, and their focused guidance from Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado. Together Joan and Christina will also be offering some personal-work classes to increase our levels of consciousness, the basis of the paq'o (Andean "shaman") practice, based on these Andean Foundation classes. Christina is working on an online version of the SuperCeptor classes and an online version of the Introduction to Mystical Shamanism course as well. It's a lot to shift and change, but hang tight... as Guruji used to say "All is coming." 

As soon as these online classes have form, the dates will be up and posted. Expect the first public ASC Andean Foundations classes to start sometime in March. Collaborations with Joan will start then as well. So patience please, as we rebuild this school into its new and refined version. As with all things, it makes sense to start at the energetic and move into form when the time is right!

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