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September 28, 2013

What Exactly Are You Communicating?

Tags: Communication, vibration, awareness, Frequency, Language

Meditations on Words...
Words are what set us apart from other living things, our ability to communicate verbally. Some words, like food, have the flavor and nutrients that make us thrive while others bite and burn and bring us down. People hear what we say and they hear what we don't say. In language the omissions and tone say at least as much as the words we have chosen. So often we use our words unconsciously without considering their effect. We withhold words of praise and dish out the jabs and jeers. Sometimes we justify this in the guise of humor. But if it stings, it is something else. Humor at the expense of someone, even ourselves, is a mild form of sorcery.
In the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, every word has a vibration that resonates with the essence of what it represents. In our language we use tone for this. When we speak to ourselves from a punitive or demeaning place we are tuning ourselves to a lower vibration. When you speak do you communicate from the heart? Do your words ring with your truth or are they creating illusions? How do you speak to yourself, to your loved ones? Do you use your words to contribute to a positive vibration or do you use them to cut and bite?
Words are powerful tools. Like a knife they can be sharp and exacting. It is important to use them consciously and responsibly. Before you speak, stop and ask yourself what exactly it is you are about to communicate.

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