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July 01, 2014

To Heal is to Step into Infinity

Tags: epigenetics, Healng, trancendetal healing, timelessness

When we are born we arrive as an envelope of conscious light wrapped around, and connected to, a tiny naked body. We come complete with all the basic hardware necessary for survival but it takes another 20 years or so before our brains and bodies fully develop. In that time we have, and do not have, a whole array of experiences that shape who we will become. Because they are interrelated, each experience we have creates a matrix of changes within our bodies, minds and souls.

Imagine, for example, that you are a child born to parents who are afraid of intimacy or uncomfortable holding you when you cry. Instead of picking you up and soothing you they hastily place you in a crib, walk outside and shut the door. They have even read  that this is what to do when your baby cries. Many studies have shown, however, that when a baby is held and soothed a whole cascade of genes that shape our immune and nervous systems are activated giving us high resistance to stress and illness; those genes are not activated in those who were never held, making them more prone to illness and nervous disorders in maturity. Further, as you lie alone in that crib you realize  you cannot count on support from your environment and you create a belief that the world is an unsafe place. Your higher self responds by forming an imprint of the event and burning it into your Lightbody. These imprints become lodged in your chakras and attract you to similar such events until you remove them. You grow up having a compromised physical body, limited beliefs about the world and an energetic blueprint that recreates this story for you indefinitely until you heal it. Most chronic physical diseases and neuroses are a direct result of this imprinting.

Energetic imprints are distortions, or trigger points, that lie dormant within your chakra wells compromising their ability to spin properly. Think of a car tire that is not weighted properly wobbles. When chakras cannot spin well they fill with heavy energy weakening the organs and glands that depend upon them for energetic sustenance. Imprints are formed when an event happens that you do not have the tools or resources to process properly. They lock you in the physicality, time and emotions of that original incident until they are finally removed.

To truly heal, on all levels, we must be able to step completely out of time and unravel this energetic matrix that binds us to our past experiences. Shamanic traditions have long revered the ability to step in and out of time as an essential part of their healing practices. Most shamanic training involves ways of cultivating higher states of consciousness to transcend time. Standing between the literal, physical world and the eternal, etherial world the Shaman holds open a place of timelessness for you to step into and reclaim your life. When you return, you have a small window where you can re-imprint yourself with the nurturing you went without, activating the genes and neuro-pathways you need to create new minds and bodies. From there you consciously choose the beliefs you want to orchestrate your life around and have those imprinted upon your soul instead, aligning you with new opportunities and health.

A cure will cut out a tumor or medicate a condition but these methods do not get to the root of the problem. Until new genes are activated and new belief systems developed we are locked into that original time. True healing requires stepping into infinity and consciously reclaiming, and re-creating, your healed self!


Christina Allen, Shamanic Healer, Teacher and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Healer based on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru) to help you step into your highest destiny. Available by appointment for one on one sessions at (512) 391-9829. More info on sessions and upcoming classes at Austin Shamanic Center. Join the conversation at the Blue Raven Circle Of Light Facebook Group.

© Austin All Natural, July 2014

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