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September 09, 2013

Those Pesky Emotions

Tags: awareness, Being Present, blame, Emotions, Shame, victim, Vulnerability

We can not control the world... only our reactions to it.
It is a prescription for victimhood to make the world responsible for our emotional well being... it very unlikely it can comply with our demands.
To remain in our power and grace we must learn to navigate our own discomfort and find ways of transmuting fear, pain and anger into understanding and compassion, creating as few ripples outward as possible.

So instead of tossing our unwanted emotions around like a hot potato and blaming someone else for them, which creates more emotional distortion, we must take a moment to own them and then find a constructive way to release them. Create a ceremony using Spirit and the Elements of Nature to help you transmute your pain: Call in Spirit to help you. Blow them into a rock and then place the rock in a running stream. Feel the water pull them from you... Or blow them into sticks and burn them in a (contained) raging fire! Let your emotions find a way to blend into the natural flows of Nature. When we flow with Nature we feel aligned and supported... when we rage against it, we feel isolated and alone.

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