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September 01, 2018

Spiritual Bypassing

Tags: Past lives, Curses, Entities, Eathwalk, Grace

You have awakened! You are learning to trust and open to the intelligence of something greater than yourself. You feel lighter, more secure and connected. This is a journey, however, one you can’t really take shortcuts on. We want to skip straight to multidimensional ecstasy, but bliss can’t be sustained by bypassing what keeps us from it.

As humans we come equipped with a set of emotions that make navigating the earthly realm challenging. We have wired within us feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, sadness, fear, and anger, all of which keep us locked in the past. They are uncomfortable, so we are quick to pack them away. We pave them over with affirmations, or reach for higher ground with our yoga or meditation practices. We even feel better for a while and tell ourselves we have transcended our pasts. 

True transcendence is integrating the past, however, not stepping over it. This means taking ownership of our darkness and working through it. It is getting to the root of that pebble in our shoe and taking it out, not learning how to override the pain of walking with it still in place. It’s hard work. Who wants to look back at unresolved experiences when the past is gone? Unfortunately, if you never fully processed old wounds, they still lay there dormant within you, as emotional triggers, just waiting to be tripped. Skipping straight through to “everything is love,” when you continue to hold deep grudges inside is called spiritual bypassing. The focus of a spiritual practice is not to escape our ugly feelings, but to bring full presence to them as feedback on the life we are currently living. 

Spiritual bypassing is using spiritual concepts that do have merit, to avoid the deep work of taking personal responsibility. It is one of the greatest pitfalls on the spiritual path. Taking pride in the fact that we are now egoless, is an example. Everyone has an ego, it is an important part of our ability to survive. In fact, isn’t it that very ego who is taking pride in its nonexistence? We cannot banish egos, they help us define ourselves, and find productive niches that make us successful. It is our attachment to the things they define us by, that creates these uncomfortable feelings, and our attachments are fueled by our wounding. We want to create healthy relationships with our egos, not eradicate them! 

Perhaps you are in an abusive relationship. Is it karma, or because you have not learned how to define your boundaries after an difficult childhood? Are you living in scarcity because you are cursed, or because you do not believe you are worthy, and have not done the deep work of finding your self value and expressing it? Are you angry and moody because you have an entity or because you have denied the sensitive parts of yourself that are grumbling to be heard? 

Spiritual bypassing is also using past lives as a justification for your shortcomings or status. So you were a king who lost his reign, or a powerful shaman, in another lifetime. Who are you now? This is where you want to work. What in this lifetime makes you feel so powerless, or that you must turn to past lives to matter? Start there! Being spiritual is not about being special, even for your spiritual heritage, that is the ego’s domain! It is about living in the earthly realm with humility, kindness, and compassion. We find these gifts through integrating our wounds, not avoiding them. We want to own the agony of our humanity, and show up for it anyway! Dig in! Get to the bottom of what really causes your discomfort and lean into it!  That is where you will find the grace you need for embracing this challenging Earthwalk. 

Christina Allen, Shamanic Healer, Teacher, and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center, combines a strong science (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) background with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, based, in part, on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). ASC offers profound Shamanic Self Development Workshops, professional trainings, and personal healings. Learn more at

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