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August 16, 2013

Soular Evolution

Tags: vibration, awareness, brain, Co-Creation, coherence, Collective Consciousness, Frequency, Measurements, Paradigm shift, Receptivity, Solar Flares

Here is food for thought... I just measured the slow pulse that rolls through my body every time we get irradiated by the flare debris. It is 25 cycles/min or .42 Hz. This is considered the Epsilon brain wave state and is veeeerrryyy slowwww. It is thought to be a very large amplitude wave (which is what makes it slow) that carries high frequencies, like gamma and lambda, within it. Much like radio stations stations send out large "carrier waves" with our favorite songs within them, I am suggesting we are receiving information in these very large amplitude (low frequency) pulses from the sun...
Just found this...

Consciousness researcher Dr. Jeffrey Thompson altered conventional EEG equipment to study the extraordinary states of consciousness of seasoned meditators and yogis. He later decided to call one of these uncommon states of consciousness he discovered Epsilon, a brainwave pattern even slower than Delta.

Dr. Thompson measured the range of this pattern to be from below 0.5 Hz (or cycles per second) to as low as one quarter cycle every ten seconds. He also discovered properties of this pattern that led him to believe it to be a carrier wave for the ultra-fast brainwave patterns he observed in other expert meditators, patterns as fast as 200 Hz or more."

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