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October 01, 2016

Soul Contracts And Curses

Tags: Poverty Vows, Ancestral Curses, Shamanic Tools, Soul Contracts

Have you ever wondered why, try as you might, you cannot shift your financial status from living on the edge, paycheck to paycheck? As soon as any windfall comes your way your car breaks down or your roof needs repair. One thing after another keeps tugging at that hole in your wallet, pulling through it anything that sits there for very long. While it may seem like you are cursed, sometimes this is the result of a contract you made with your soul, long ago.

Poverty vows, for example, were a common form of initiation into monastic lifestyles. By choosing a life with few material trappings the initiate is free to develop a deeper connection to Spirit. In not having to invest in the competitive ego, ever striving for success, these vows open people to humility, as they must rely upon others for survival. This brings them face to face with the benevolence of their Maker. In the streets of India you still see Sadhus dressed in saffron rags, holding out begging bowls for rice. 

While begging in the streets is not condoned in our culture, poverty vows were often made when we joined the Church as a nun or priest, choosing to give up our earthly possessions in servitude. Great lessons come in  learning to receive the unconditional love of Spirit. Our things, and the pursuit of them, often distract, rather than empower us. 

In this lifetime, however, we may be trying to learn how to connect to Spirit through another means, perhaps as a challenged parent or a responsible partner. But, try as we may, that old poverty vow lies buried in our soul, pulling us forever back into lack. 

There are many contracts we make that bind us at the level of the soul. Sometimes they are made in fear: “God, I promise to be a good girl if you will make Daddy stop hitting me.” This works as a child, but as an adult a “good girl” cannot stand up for herself in the home, or the business world, and speak her truth. Sometimes we ask God to save someone we love, and let us take their pain or sickness on instead. We may have a contract with Death, asking to die before someone we love does. Karmic contracts bind us to people from past lives, forcing us restore some balance with them before we can move on. And finally, much like the regulators on U-Haul trucks prevent them from exceeding 55 miles an hour, we can put contracts out on ourselves to avoid misusing our power again. 

While their intentions may have been good, the consequences of a poorly written contract can create lifetimes of misery. Strangely, one of the Shaman’s roles is that of a contract lawyer for the soul. When it becomes clear that their client cannot overcome some troubling pattern because of a limiting soul contract, they must go in and help renegotiate the terms. We would do it ourselves, if we could remember making them, but usually we cannot. We just know something keeps pulling us back into a never ending pattern we cannot seem to escape.

The past binds us until we heal from it. The gift of the Shaman is that they can track energetic blockages. Through extensive training, they have learned how to follow the energy of a wound, or limiting pattern, back to its original source, much as a hound dog tracks a criminal through the scent of a shirt he left behind. These contracts are imprinted on the soul like reams of red governmental tape. Through renegotiations with Spirit, cutting cords, and removing these imprinted wounds, the Shaman helps remove old soul contracts, freeing you up to live the life you intended to live, this lifetime. 


Christina Allen’s work as an Intuitive, Healer, Teacher and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center, combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and profound Shamanic Healing based, in part, on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). Learn more about making private appointments, and upcoming classes, at or (512) 391-9829.

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