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August 19, 2017

Solar Eclipse Monday August 21st, 2017

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Solar Eclipse Ceremony

As most of you know, there will be a Solar Eclipse happening, midday in the USA, Monday, August 21st, 2017. The source that sustains our life-force on the planet will be temporarily out of reach, as the moon passes between us, blocking out its light. Energetically, there is considerable power in an eclipse event. The brief period of darkness that it creates is thought to create a portal, or energetic gateway, between the worlds. It is a time where we have greater access to the powers of Creation, so it is a great time to harness those energies in ceremony.


Ceremony is a way of working with Creation at its base level, and interacting with it to create an outcome. In Ceremony we are acting as co-creators and adjusting the blueprints that underlie our reality construct. Creation is an ever evolving expression of the collective consciousness we are all a part of. Who we are, what we believe, and how we feel about it, all contribute to its existence. Anyone can do ceremony, it just takes initiative. All you really need is your intention, or dream, and a way to access the energies of creation.

Self Reflection

Before we enter a place of ceremony we must prepare ourselves to make a shift. We must reflect on what part of the current plan, or cultural paradigm, we feel needs shifting. We then find the place within ourselves that holds the seed of that as well. Currently, our Nation is in a stage of great chaos. It is no accident, as chaos has a way of letting the cockroaches scatter from the woodpile. Until we move the logs, however, we don’t really know they are there. 

Many of the cultural issues that have crawled out from the woodpile are based on scarcity and entitlement. As the world’s population explodes, will there be enough, and who deserves to have more? Symbolically, the shadow cast by the moon, as it steps into the path of the earth’s solar exposure, is a reminder to all of us, of our need to be seen. While the moon is reveling in the complete focus of the sun, however, the Earth behind it is left in shadow and darkness. This is not something sustainable for the earth, or its inhabitants, in the long run. We will all die without the return of that light source.

I invite you to go inside, personally, this weekend and sit with the parts of you who feel they live in scarcity and find those parts of you that feel entitled. It is so easy to externalize these feelings, but take some time to reflect on what you feel lurking within your own shadows. What is precious to you that you are afraid of losing? Feel how that fear lives in your body. Feel the tightness. Feel the anger that it could be taken away, even feel the hate. Yes, the hate. Hating the haters is still hate. Break it down for yourself. Unpack it. What is at stake for you? Because you are a slice of the cultural consciousness, part of it lives within you. Feel where you are engaged. Feel your outrage. Find it inside first. This is the darkness you will want to move through in your ceremony.

Elements of Ceremony

Every good ceremony uses intention, and as many of the five elements as possible. Intention comes from the heart, not the mind. It is a vision, a dream, a yearning in your heart that wants to live. When we want to get involved in shifting creation, we use the basic five elements to do so: Earth (stones, sticks, leaves, flowers), Water, Fire (candles, incense), Wind (instruments that make sound) and Ether (or Spirit).

Opening Space: The fist step of your ceremony is to set your intention and then to call in your connection to Spirit. In the shamanic traditions this is done through calling in the four directions, heaven, and earth. There is not right or wrong way to do this, there is just doing it! Each direction has a wind, or spirit. Call it! Call in the earth! Call in the heavens! Call in the creator!

The best ceremonies are based on first releasing the heaviness that you are holding, in some way, and then finding within yourself where the intention you have lives. To start, find the darkness that is eclipsing your light. Feel where its lives in your body, thoughts and heart. If you want to fast for a couple of days before hand, this lightens you and helps make you more receptive to the shifts. When you are ready to begin your ceremony, collect all the things you want to use to make your shift. 

 Open sacred space
 Spend time acknowledging the darkness that needs to be released and how it has lived within you. Feel it within you now.
 Release the darkness. Blow it in a stone, or flower petals (earth), and put it in water, blow it in a stick (earth), and burn it. It can be done by drumming and rattling too, or singing and calling out as you move your body. Find where you hold the collective darkness in a personal way, and move it, move through it, move it out.
 Once you are feeling lighter and clearer, find your intention. Anchor into it. Be it. Pray it. Radiate the harmony, abundance, compassion, inclusiveness you want to create. Find a way to express it. Drum it, rattle it, or call it out. Let yourself resonate with it. Be that which you want to create.
 Hold that intention. Let it ripple out through the collective, shifting its core vibration, shifting the collective reality construct!
 Close your Sacred Space. Revisit and continue to hold your vision in daily meditations.

Communal Ceremony

The more of us who do this at the same time, and many of us will be collected and present for this event, the stronger the vibration of change becomes. This is not to say it will make the haters stop hating, but it will make them scatter into the light to be seen, with nowhere to go. Create your eclipse ceremony! Dream a world of sharing and connection in, and as that moon shifts out of the path of the sun, and the light returns, feel the grace that comes through in sharing and cooperating. 
See you at the fire!

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