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January 02, 2023

Remember Who You are!

Tags: Healing, self actualization, soul, soul work, Inka Seed, shamanism, enlightenment, bardo planes, psychedelic therapy, plant medicine

©We trip over, and loop through, an internal feedback system of thought, perception, and emotion and call it our reality…. It’s quite compelling and we are often unable to see outside this thing we have created to be “me.”
Yes! We have emotions and we have thoughts. These are part of the feedback systems of our being. They are in place to keep this form alive, they are meant to refine our experience in physical form, to allow us to grow and assume mastery of this life form and of this lifetime… but we can get caught in their process and forget their function… we are so much more…

Many of us get trapped in the suffering and the whys, our fears and resultant agendas… we ping pong between them creating personalities we defend… “that is just who I am…” but these loops are actually part of an internal feedback system, part of the software in place to ensure we master our given form… They are prone to glitching, unfortunately, especially when there has been trauma, to looping…to circling endlessly upon themselves…. there is no resolution when you are looping, you are in the Bardo Planes...there is no answer to the why, no remedy for the suffering here…there is only transcendence… There is only breaking out and breaking through to a hew horizon...

Remember who you are!

© All Rights Reserved, Christina Allen 2023

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