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December 27, 2021

On The Horizon For 2022

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The backbone of our teachings at ASC come from the "shamanic" traditions held dear in the Mountains of Peru for thousands of years. These teachings are called "Mystical Shamanism" by some because the basic premise is you can connect, engage, and drive the energies of creation directly if you take the time to do you inner work... and learn how to engage with the energetic nature of the Universe. Most spiritual traditions focus on intermediaries to do our bidding... In the Andean traditions we hone our own being to be such a vessel. We connect to the divine directly, right here, in this domain, with our own person. There is great personal and metaphysical power in this! But it requires a level of personal accountability and responsibility our culture doesn't often hold us to. We tend to see ourselves as victims of circumstance rather than participants in the unfolding of Creation... Ready for a paradigm shift?

Right now, all our classes are online. This gives us reach well beyond Austin, Texas... We gather with paqos (Andean shamans) trained similarly all over the world in practice groups and classes... We are also, however, in the process of grounding a local community of traditionally trained paqos here in Austin. Our dream is to have a dedicated physical space where we can practice together, do ceremony together, and sit in workshops together to expand our consciousness, self awareness, and enhance our engagement with the world at large. 

So this year we are focussing on educating as many people we can on these sacred traditions, on line. When we meet again next year we expect of have a solid community of paqos who will want to gather in person to share their gifts with each other. This is a bridge year for us. One of getting our ducks in a row... because a new day is dawning and we want to be ready when it comes!

Check out our 2022 workshops:

  • SuperCeptor Strategies I and Introduction to Andean Mysticism: Introductory workshops, a place for people to get their feet wet, sample our teachings and our approach. The two work well together, one is about honing our sensitivities, and taking ownership of our experiences, the other a basic intro to the Andean teachings.
  • SuperCeptor Strategies II: spend a weekend with other SuperCeptors delving into how to work with your sensitivities, how to hone them and how to defang overwhelm.
  • Andean Foundation Series: this 2 month series is our core training. All other classes and programs require this foundation to go further. 
  • Andean Master's Class: Take your Foundation training to the next level in a weekend.
  • Paqo Practice groups: Meet monthly with people all over the word to practice your skills, ask questions, and deepen your path.
  • Inner Tawantan: Apply your paqo skills to your personal psychology so you can evolve into the full expression of your Inka Seed, or personal being.

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