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September 01, 2013

Imprints, Bubbles and Strangers on a Bus

Tags: Imprints, Alternative Therapy, LEF, Energy Medicine

When we go from zero to one hundred on an emotional scale, in seconds, over something seemingly benign like an inconsiderate driver, the indifference of a cashier or a mildly insensitive comment from a friend, neighbor, parent, sibling, lover or spouse we are not losing our minds. Or perhaps we are caught in destructive emotional behaviors like addiction, depression or anxiety, that we seem powerless to resolve. We may feel crazy, but there is often a very simple explanation: an imprint was activated in our energetic field.

Each of us lives within a luminous bubble, or light energy field (LEF), that surrounds our physical body. This field is fluid, sensitive and intelligent. You know you have one because when a stranger on the bus sits a little too close to you, you find yourself scooting away. In Nature this field expands out to about 3 feet in all directions from our physical body. On the bus we may pull it in within centimeters from our skin, especially if the person we are seated next to feels particularly creepy.

Ancient seers, mystics and healers have been seeing and working with people’s energy fields for millennia as a way of restoring and maintaining mental and physical health. When we suffer a trauma or a chronically abusive situation it becomes stored in our LEF as a distortion. These imprints carry the memories and emotions of our original wounds as well as information about our genetics, ancestral histories, karma and even traumas from past lives. They are like small icons on our computer that when clicked download the entire emotional experience of the original incident into our present moment.  We know an imprint has been triggered when we find ourselves reacting with the emotions of the defenseless 5 year old who suffered an abusive upbringing instead of as our well healed adult selves. Like a series of land mines, imprints haphazardly orchestrate the nature of our life experiences. Further, most of our resulting limiting beliefs about the world and who we are in it then creates an energetic matrix of consciousness that is difficult to extract ourselves from.

Aligning With our High Destinies
The ancients knew that each person comes into this world aligned with the destinies they came here to fulfill. For a person to truly heal and realign with these destinies they need these imprints removed. When we stray too far from our original purposes we start to become ill or injured. Most healing modalities focus on relieving the symptoms we present instead of addressing the tangle of imprints and beliefs behind them. While surgery, medication, counseling or even “running energy” may make a person feel better temporarily the imprints are still there to be triggered, derailing us back into our old stories and behaviors.

Shamanic Healing
Imprints are behind most physical and emotional illness. Shamanic Healing clears those imprints that cause us to repeat destructive emotional patterns in our lives. Our old dysfunctional life story, who we thought we were based on those imprints, can then dissolve allowing us to resonate again at higher levels of conscious reality. As our life paths and sense of self change we open ourselves up to the high destinies we came into this world to manifest.


Christina Allen, Shamanic Healer, Teacher, destiny coach and founder of the Austin Shamanic Center, combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer based on the Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). She is available by appointment to clear your imprints and help align you with your highest destinies. 512 391-9829

Stay tuned for information on upcoming Self Development classes at Austin Shamnic Center and join our Blue Raven Circle Of Light Facebook group to continue the conversation.

© Austin All Natural September, 2013

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