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September 06, 2017

Full Moon 9.6.17

Tags: chaos, paradigm shift, trust

Happy Full Moon! 

The energies are very high right now. We have hurricanes and forest fires, huge solar flares, and political unrest that threatens our very survival on so many levels… It is time for all of us who do ceremony to get out our drums and rattles to help shepherd this chaotic energy into constructive outcomes. 

Find the biases that lay dormant within your hearts and bring them to light. Own them. The lessons of these times are to be excavating our shadows instead of pointing fingers. Yes it abounds in heaps and piles outside us, but what within us is complicit with it. Look at you own fears, your family beliefs and values, your religious beliefs. Look at what you were taught in school. What personal and cultural wounding, and divisive self protections, are you willing to give up, to live in peace?!

Use this Full Moon to explore your resistance. Chaos is here to tear down the old patriarchal paradigms of blind allegiance to a biased authority. Find out what YOUR truth is. It lives within each of us. Find the part in you that needs to unravel, to trust in your own authority. Do ceremony with this Full Moon! Call in the energies of Creation and move into this chaos, and then find your way back out. Find your way back into inclusiveness. Create a path for all this energy to take. Find your way back to your truth, your heart, the heart of humanity. Be kind!
See you at the Fire!

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