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February 28, 2019

Full Mesa Carrier Summer Solstice Retreat, June 20-23, 2019

Tags: Full Mesa Carrier, Andean Medicine, Energy Medicine

The Retreat
We will be taking the foundation of what we have learned in the ASC Mesa Carrier series and going deeper with some of the traditional Andean teachings. We will start by looking at the roots of our lineages and where our teachings come from.  You will receive an advanced version of the belts, one that opens up your "eyes", or nawis, for deeper perception. This also enhances your ability to back your intensions with focused energy. Once these belts are re-installed we can do all kinds of really interesting energy clearings and exchanges as partners, and as a group. We will work on finding the edges within ourselves still creating hucha, and work on traditional ways of clearing that to amplify our state of Ayni.  We will also work together as a group to make shifts in a more global way! It should be a very magical, powerful and empowering weekend!

As usual, our nights will be filled with ceremonies. On Thursday night we will start with connecting in our usual fire ceremony, on Friday night, Solstice, we will do our traditional solstice drum ceremony/despacho/ fire ceremony, and on Saturday night Anthony Palomba is going to lead us on one of his amazing sound journeys! 

The cost will be the normal Mesa Carrier class cost of $550. This includes your lunches and dinners Friday and Saturday. A $100 deposit holds your space.

Feel the Call?
This is for Full Mesa Carriers only. It will be an opportunity to be in sacred space with other Full Mesa Carriers, learning new Andean Energy practices and doing Ceremony, at a very auspicious time! You can stay on site or commute.

The space has already been reserved... Please let me know if you feel the call!

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