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August 01, 2014

Epigenetics: Have You Restored Your Original OS-Human Settings?

Tags: Epigenetics, Evolution, Shamanic Path

It was only 10-20 years ago that we thought of our genes as being hardwired and absolute. The dye was cast when the the DNA of our mother and father merged in the egg and a zygote was formed. A new field of biology called Epigenetics says otherwise; instead, every significant experience we have in our lives shapes us genetically into who we are. It has been shown that we are constantly turning on and off genes with our mere thoughts and how we process our experiences. With the old model, the way humans evolved over time was from one generation to the next; after you had passed  your genes on to your children you were essentially genetically obsolete. We now know we continue to evolve from within a generation. While our parents give us the basic genetic building blocks, the rest is up to us. So the real question is, are you all you can  be?!

Listening  to the Wind
Who we are starts, in large part, with our early childhood environments. In indigenous cultures children are taught that everything is conscious and therefore has a voice. They hear wisdom in the stones, trees and the wind and this activates genes that facilitate processing this kind of information. Because they grow up in dialogue with Nature they are very sensitive to its nuances. They know they are part of a Web of Creation that always supports them because they hear it all around them. In our culture we are brought up learning how to navigate complex electronics and processing intense burst of audiovisual information. We have put the Creator’s voice in the sky and find ourselves begging to be heard. Our human condition is marked by feelings of disconnection, isolation, anger and loneliness. Depression and anxiety levels are at record highs as we try to find ways to cope. Some of us would like to get back to that mythic garden, we would like to feel connected to Creation and hear its voices again.

It Is Not too Late
The good news is you can go back and activate the genes you missed out on, by being raised in this culture. One of the gifts of the shaman is her ability to align with Nature and use that energy for healing. By doing the self development work of the shaman initiate you go back to basics and learn to align with the Five Elements. You learn to listen to the plants, animals and stones again. This turns on those dormant genes that facilitate listening to your environment, enabling you to work with Nature, instead of against it.  While not everyone wants to be a Shamanic Healer, walking the path of the shaman initiate restores your indigenous alchemy, allowing you to reclaim the basic genetic makeup that is not activated by the experiences of our modern culture. Instead of defining yourself by those old tired stories of your childhood you remember who you are and always have been. You remember your essential self and even realign with your purpose.

Back to the Garden
As many of us embrace our adulthood and see how out of balance the world is, we look for ways to bring it back into harmony. Choosing to become a shaman initiate, or Mesa Carrier, whether you go on and learn how to be healers or not, heals YOU. Because you are part of the Earth and its consciousness, as you increase your vibration and sensitivities, you come back into alignment with your original nature, restoring your connection to the planet... As YOU heal, the planet heals.
The real question is why wouldn’t you?!


Christina Allen, Healer, Teacher and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Healer based on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru) to help you step into your highest destiny. Available by appointment for one on one sessions at (512) 391-9829. More info on sessions and upcoming classes at Austin Shamanic Center. Join the conversation at the Blue Raven Circle Of Light Facebook Group.

© Austin All Natural, August 2014

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