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December 01, 2015

Cultivating Our Soul Gardens

Tags: Holographic Universe, Creating your reality, Astological maps, victims of circumstance

Each of us was born into this world with a signature energetic pattern, or map, we are using to learn and evolve from. Our astrological charts, the exact positioning of the planets and asteroids at the moment of our birth, and our souls with their imprints, or unresolved past events, act as an invisible skeleton upon which we build our life experiences. What we build, however, is based on how we perceive.

As human beings, we use the five senses and intuition to measure what is happening around us and then we filter that through the mind to build perceptions about the world. We are initially unconscious of the soul maps we brought in with us, and see things as just happening to us at random. We will believe ourselves to be victims of circumstance and blame others for our discomfort. In this world of blame and shame we cultivate fear, anger and resentments, and then continue to generate similar experiences. As a person becomes more conscious, however, they will start to recognize that how their interpretation of these circumstances determines what they will experience.

One way to look at is to think of the world as a giant Hologram. A Hologram is a three dimensional construct of an image that can only be seen when illuminated by a coherent light source. Until the construct is illuminated, it is invisible. Our soul maps lay dormant within us, similarly, waiting for us to bring them to light. Remember the holodecks from the old Star Trek shows, virtual realities that you could step into to have a specific kind of experience? Our lives are holdecks of our own making, realities that reflect back to us what we have chosen to grow by. These worlds are not static, however, our reactions create what we experience next. If we are trapped in fear and worry, for example, that resonance creates a fearful world for us to bump into. When we cannot get up above the immediate situation and glimpse at the map that is creating this story, we stay entangled in the details of it. The stage is already set, but we have a choice about how we engage with what is on it. By removing the unresolved imprints and asking, instead, what am I to learn from this scenario, we can change our experience from one that is perpetually reactionary and fear based to one that consciously inspires growth.

In the high Andes corn is a highly prized commodity. To use an agricultural metaphor, we have each come in with a plot of land and a set of seeds to do with as we may. Our astrological charts act as the soil we have chosen to work with in this lifetime. Our souls  act as the kernels of corn we brought in with us to grow from. As we plant these ancient  blueprints into this new soil, and activate the imprints that keep us stuck, we generate experiences that will teach and push us forward into new territory.

One of the most fundamental teachings of the indigenous shamanic cultures is that we are all dreaming our worlds into being. This means we are not just weeding a garden of undesired emotions but creating whole new realities. As we take responsibility for these myths we are creating, we can choose what it is we truly want to cultivate in our gardens, or holodecks, this lifetime. Yes, we have this soil and we have these seeds. Now what are we going to do with them? Take a moment, ask yourself: why am I in this holodeck? What are the perceptions that define it? What traits is it building in me? Ask the question most asked by Q’ero shamans: How does this grow corn in my life?


Christina Allen’s work as an Intuitive, Healer, Teacher and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center, combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and profound Shamanic Healing based on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). Learn more about making private appointments, and upcoming classes, at or (512) 391 9829.

© Austin All Natural, December 2015

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