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February 19, 2019

ASC’s Children’s Program: 8 Sundays , 2019

Tags: Shamanism for kids, Children's spirituality

ASC's Children's Program

Austin Shamanic Center is now offering children the opportunity to embark on a fun, creative, spiritual learning experience. Shamanic, or animistic, teachings, yoga, meditation, art, music and games will be interwoven throughout each event. Because the shamanic path is about finding your spiritual self through experience we use many modalities to engage the children. Our goal is for participants to gain practical tools by building connections with the self, others and the natural world, while having fun!  Amanda Nitschke teaches this program.

Each session is a stand-alone experience including ceremony, breath, movement, meditation, games, and art. Children will learn tools to deepen connection, navigate inner and outer landscapes, and dream their world into being. Teachings are steeped in the Mesa Carrier tradition of the Q’ero from Peru with North American indigenous messages and yogic tools woven in. We look forward to sharing this medicine with you and showing our children how to create ayni, or right relationship, in their world. 

Please contact Amanda Nitschke to register or ask any questions at or 512-573-7486. With the exception of “Stepping In”, all classes are for children school-age and up and are 90 minutes. 

See all the details of each class at the link: ASC's Children's Program

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