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December 01, 2016

A World Without Moorings

Tags: Q'ero, Pachakuti, World Order, What can I do?, Prophesies, Mayan Calandar

We are in a time that the Q'ero indians call a Pachakuti, where the world is shaken up and tuned upside down. It has been prophesied to come now, post 2012, where the Mayan calendar ends and a new world begins. The Q'ero went up into the mountains when the last Pachakuti came, as the Conquistadores overtook Peru... and in the 1950's they were directed to come back down off the mountains to help us navigate this next one. It is unsettling to say the least but we all signed up to be here now. 

What we are looking at here is the end of an era. Who we have been as a species, and as a culture, is shifting. Some of the shadow parts of who we have been are begging to be seen. They have laid dormant, beneath the surface, operating in silence. Now they are out in the open. While this can be cause for concern, the good news is it is all above ground to be seen now. 

We are each being asked to look in our hearts and see where our arrogance and self entitlement lives. Those of us who do not recognize we are all integral parts of the whole will be called to to mat. Disasters may force us to break down our perspectives, and to rely on those we think we are superior to, for survival. This is how Nature forces us to do the personal work we are resistant to. 

People ask, what can I do? It depends on what your strengths are. There are many things to be done, some of them active, some of them by all appearances, passive. This is because there are many levels to work at. On the active level, get involved in the changes you want to make. Be a part of the movements toward evolution. Those of you who work at the energetic, yours is to anchor in the light, a vision for the future, and to hold the space open for a new world to begin within. There will be chaos, to be sure. Hang tight, share, support each other. Now is not the time to get caught in name calling and tangled in petty differences. Now is the time to anchor in the shift that is coming through, whether we want it or not!

I encourage you all to unite... to dream a better way into being.

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