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May 01, 2015

Is It Fate Calling You Or Your Destiny?

Tags: Fate, Destiny, Soul maps, Dreaming

Just as the stars light up the sky, defining it spatially, every significant place you have ever been, emotionally and karmically, defines you, telling us who you are by where you have been. Through new experiences we are given the opportunity to learn and evolve but many of us defer to our old maps because we know the territory. When we do not learn from our experiences, and transcend them, we develop themes that create little eddies in the flow of our lifetimes, little black holes on our maps that draw us in, over and over again, until we have learned their lessons. When we are caught in these vortices our lives becomes dull and fated, as if we are caught on a hamster wheel, running but going nowhere.  Our souls do not come through to repeat the same old tired dance steps, however, they are driven to evolve past who we have been, into who we are becoming. They come through with a purpose, they want to align with the highest destiny they can hold.

May 01, 2014

Dying With Grace and Awareness

Tags: Dying Consciusly, Death and dying, soul flight

In our Western culture we have forgotten how to die. We are more focused on youthfulness and prolonging our lives. Death is something we fear and quietly sweep into the shadows. Rather than honoring our elders for their wisdom and strengths, we shuffle them off into “assisted care” facilities at the end of their days. We pay large amounts of money to keep them alive instead of listening to their stories and facilitating their transitions so they can leave with grace and dignity.

In the shamanic traditions one of the main focuses of a high shaman’s training is to die consciously. She sees death as a transition only, as a journey between dimensions. She clears herself of the heavy energies binding her essential self to her body and practices Spirit Flight many times before she takes her final one. All of us can loosen our grips on the physical this way and we can all help someone who is dying prepare for death similarly.

April 01, 2014

Is Your Soul All Here?

Tags: Soul Retreival, Healing, Soul loss

Do you have a sense that a part of you is missing, buried or just out of reach? Perhaps you feel stuck at a certain age and although your chronological age is 42 you often find yourself responding from the needs of a 12 year old. Are you caught in a reoccurring pattern of violence and abuse despite your best efforts to end it? If you have gone through a harrowing situation that your psyche cannot process, a part of you may very well be missing! These are all signs of soul loss.

Soul loss happens when something occurs that is scary and too unbearable for a being to witness or go through. It can happen at any age but often it occurs in childhood before we have developed the necessary skills for surviving on our own. It happens most during violent situations, accidents and often after a period of chronic abuse. A part of us just gets up and leaves before the trauma damages it. It survives, untouched,  from then on as a bundle of consciousness in shadow. The part that remains goes through the trauma becoming imprinted, wounded and derailed from our original destiny.

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