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February 01, 2014


Tags: Ayni, Q'ero, Balance, Mesa Carrier

We, as a species, are just a tad out of balance with respect to each other, the planet that sustains us and our creator. Somewhere along the road through human evolution our rational left brains began to eclipse our right brained connections to Spirit. We started drawing lines in the sand and defining our experiences instead of just being. We separated ourselves from Nature, it became either something we fight against or fight over, and we put God in the sky. Significant archeological data indicates that five thousand years ago we knew ourselves to be part of Nature and an extension of the creative force, not entities separate from it. This shift has perched us on the brink of calamity. Whereas once survival depended upon living consciously, in balance, with all things it now is based on how many commodities we posses in a world of limited resources, fostering greed and fears of scarcity. We take what we want, when we want it and say we’re sorry later, if pressed, or we are helpless victims to this. If we want to continue to live on this planet it is time we remember the old ways.

The Q’ero Indians of Peru, famous for their wisdom and the integrity of their healing practices, came down off their mountains to help us remember the ancient ways. Central to their teachings is the concept of “Ayni,” or “right-relationship,” a word that needs to be re-introduced into our modern vocabulary. The whole basis of their healing is rooted in restoring balance at its energetic origin. If you look into the subtitles of Quantum Mechanics you see what the indigenous peoples have known for millenniums, that there is a conscious matrix that we are all a part of, it is the origin of manifestation  and it is affected by our every thought and action. It is not only in the sky but it is also woven throughout all of creation. The ancients remember how to hear its many voices and read its subtle signs in trees, rivers and the winds. Through ceremony they step out of their left brain agendas and align with it to restore balance and participate in manifestation.

The path of the shaman initiate, or Mesa Carrier, is a great gift the Quero have given us; it is a way to restore this knowing in every person, whether you want to be a healer or not. Because we manifest according to how we perceive, the first year of training starts by letting go of the old paradigms of fear, greed and scarcity we live in at the personal, karmic, ancestral and global levels. While necessary work for most healers, it is an amazing opportunity for any adult wanting to shift the collective nightmare we are currently living through, because to restore balance to the planet we must restore balance to ourselves.

The Mesa Carrier remembers how to align with Creation, through ceremony, rather than pray to it from a place of hope. We learn how to take this into our everyday lives creating authentic relationships instead of dysfunctional ones based on power differentials. Through rites and ceremonies we reconnect with Spirit and remember how to treat all beings with respect. Through exercises we learn to clear the clutter from our thinking left brains and hone our intuitive right brain gifts. When you remember your true essence and your connection to all things you can then step out of being a victim of circumstances and into co-creating the amazing world you want to live in. Bring the world back into ayni by joining the thousands of Mesa Carriers in the wold. See the website for the next class series.


Christina Allen, Shamanic Healer, Teacher, Destiny Coach, and founder of the Austin Shamanic Center combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Healer, based on the Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). Available by appointment to help clear your imprints and align you with your highest destinies! (512) 391-9829. Info on sessions and upcoming classes at Austin Shamanic Center; Join us in conversation in the Blue Raven Circle Of Light Facebook Group.

© Austin All Natural February, 2014

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