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April 01, 2014

Is Your Soul All Here?

Tags: Soul Retreival, Healing, Soul loss

Do you have a sense that a part of you is missing, buried or just out of reach? Perhaps you feel stuck at a certain age and although your chronological age is 42 you often find yourself responding from the needs of a 12 year old. Are you caught in a reoccurring pattern of violence and abuse despite your best efforts to end it? If you have gone through a harrowing situation that your psyche cannot process, a part of you may very well be missing! These are all signs of soul loss.

Soul loss happens when something occurs that is scary and too unbearable for a being to witness or go through. It can happen at any age but often it occurs in childhood before we have developed the necessary skills for surviving on our own. It happens most during violent situations, accidents and often after a period of chronic abuse. A part of us just gets up and leaves before the trauma damages it. It survives, untouched,  from then on as a bundle of consciousness in shadow. The part that remains goes through the trauma becoming imprinted, wounded and derailed from our original destiny.

March 01, 2014

Is Your Healer a Hollow Bone?

Tags: How to choose a healer, Energy Medicine, Shamanism

Open any New Age magazine these days and you find hundreds of different ways to heal spiritually. Most of them are valid. What distinguishes one practice from the other? The practitioner. Anyone can take a weekend workshop to receive attunements or initiations but the difference in their medicine lies in how deeply they are able to hold it. As the ancient shamans knew well, healing others starts with healing yourself.

Has your healer done the deep personal work of clearing their own stories or are they seeing you through their old wounds? If you are a healer, have you removed the imprints you carry around your roles and the beliefs binding you to ancestral, cultural and karmic lineages? Have you dug up and owned your shadow pieces? If not you will forever be derailed into working the unhealed parts of yourself through your clients. Are you, for example, seeing your own divorce in your client’s current relationship dilemma? Are your scarcity issues driving you to enable your clients so they keep depending upon you? Do you collude with your client’s story because it is familiar instead of finding a new map for them?

February 01, 2014


Tags: Ayni, Q'ero, Balance, Mesa Carrier

We as a species are just a tad out of balance with respect to each other, the planet that sustains us, and our creator. Somewhere along the road through human evolution our rational left-brains began to eclipse right-brained connections to spirit. We started drawing lines in the sand and defining our experiences instead of just being. We separated ourselves from Nature, it became either something we fight against or fight over, and we put God in the sky. Significant archeological data indicates that five thousand years ago we knew ourselves to be part of Nature and an extension of the creative force, not entities separate from it. This shift has perched us on the brink of calamity. Whereas once survival depended upon living consciously, in balance, with all things it now is based on how many commodities we posses in a world of limited resources, fostering greed and fears of scarcity. We take what we want, when we want it and say we’re sorry later, if pressed, or we are helpless victims to this. If we want to continue to live on this planet it is time we remember the old ways.

The Q’ero Indians of Peru, famous for their wisdom and the integrity of their healing practices, came down off their mountains to help us remember the ancient ways. Central to their teachings is the concept of “Ayni,” or “right-relationship,” a word that needs to be re-introduced into our modern vocabulary.

January 01, 2014

Becoming a Mesa Carrier

Tags: Mesa Carrier, Five Elements, Co-Creation, Q'ero Indians

It is a crazy time to be on the planet right now! The problems are so big most of us feel helpless. What do we do about the economy, Fukushima, climate changes...where do we even start? As strange as it may seem, deepening your spiritual path may be the answer. Because we are all connected, the more each of us takes responsibility for raising our personal vibration the more we help shift the vibration of the entire planet. Our personal vibration raises and lowers with the way we think, or visualize, how conscious we are and how we walk our talk. Becoming more aware of our ego, and the shadows it casts, is the first step to becoming conscious. When we are aware of what we are creating we can then start taking responsibility for our actions and create consciously. This raises our vibration. For many people the Shamanic path is an excellent way to refine this journey of soul awareness. Based on thousands of years of wisdom, it steps you out of Victim Consciousness and into the responsibility of being a Co-Creator.

December 01, 2013

Are you Thriving or just Re-carpeting Your Dungeon?

Tags: Coping Mechanisms, Self Empowerment, shamanism

Someone asked me recently how a shaman truly heals and why the average person would need a shaman.

“The level shamanism works at is subtle yet very profound.” I replied. “Do you have patterns in your life that re-occur over and over again?” I asked. “Are you stuck in a loop or cycles that you cannot seem to break, do you have an injury that won’t heal or a chronic illness?”

“Oh, I don’t know, not really,” he said. “Right now everything is going pretty well; you never know when that other shoe will drop, but hey, I get along OK.”

“Exactly!” I say, “There it is...!”

Embedded in the very way you see the world are limits that keep you merely coping instead of thriving. While shamans remove the imprints behind illness and injury they also work with the subtle beliefs that keep you locked into un-empowered lives. Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a coping mechanism designed to avert unmet expectations. It says things may be going well now but don’t get your hopes up, disaster is around the corner. Believing this we avoid disappointment when things go south, but woven into it is the next disaster, waiting to happen. We all have countless maps like this in our psyche shaping our lives, some personal, some handed down to us through our families.

November 01, 2013

Unwinding Unconscious Beliefs

Tags: Shadow, Carl Jung, Unconscious Beliefs, Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction tells us we attract what we think. Many of us go to great lengths to think positively, intending to attract that perfect someone, job, car or house – but when we have unconscious limiting beliefs running beneath the surface of our conscious ones, they derail our positive intentions. We can tell ourselves we matter and deserve the very best but if we have unconscious programs from childhood lurking in the shadows, telling us we are bad, undeserving, forever a victim or must be punished, we can chant affirmations until the cows come home but we won’t manifest our dreams.

Pioneering psychologist, Carl Jung, termed the parts of ourselves, good and bad, that lay unclaimed within us as “shadow.”  Our limited and unconscious beliefs act as the chains that bind these parts and keep them hidden, even from ourselves. The only way we see them is if we project them outward onto other people and circumstances. Because we cannot see them it is very difficult to access and heal these parts without help. We know they are there, however, because we are locked into destructive patterns and illnesses, unable to claim who we want to be.

October 01, 2013

Surfing The Quantum Field

Tags: Quantum Healing, Energy Medicine, Star Trek

Remember when Bones from the 1960’s Star Trek used to run a little scanner over his patients? Not only would he know what was wrong with them, but the scanner instantly fixed the problem – healing happened quickly and miraculously. We all thought, “Yeah, this is the future of medicine!” Instead, we stayed mired in the rigidness of Newtonian physics. By this I mean our biomedical research has been focusing on causes and effects not possibilities! We built larger more expensive machines to detect and analyze our symptoms and created stronger target specific medicines to relieve them. But this is all cause and effect thinking. If we want to radically change the way we do medicine we need to step out of fate and into the Quantum Age. Instead of looking at patients like Isaac Newton would, as rigid predictable statistics, doctors could be thinking like quantum physicists and realizing our future has many possible outcomes. The shamans of old know this and journey into our future to manifest our healed state just by seeing it!


September 01, 2013

Imprints, Bubbles and Strangers on a Bus

Tags: Imprints, Alternative Therapy, LEF, Energy Medicine

When we go from zero to one hundred on an emotional scale in seconds – over something seemingly benign like an inconsiderate driver, the indifference of a cashier, or a mildly insensitive comment from a friend, parent, sibling, or spouse – we’re not losing out monds. Or perhaps we’re caught in destructive emotional behaviors like addiction, depression, or anxiety that we seem powerless to resolve. We may feel crazy, but there’s often a very simple explanation. An imprint was activated in our energetic field.

Each of us lives within a luminous bubble, or light energy field (LEF), that surrounds our physical body. This field is fluid, sensitive and intelligent. You know you have one because when a stranger on the bus sits a little too close to you, you find yourself scooting away. In Nature this field expands out to about 3 feet in all directions from our physical body. On the bus we may pull it in within centimeters from our skin, especially if the person we are seated next to feels particularly creepy.


January 01, 2008

2008: The Year of Infinite Possibility

Most of us plod along through our normal everyday lives on a predictable track of probability. Warped, molded, tempered by our reactions to the past, we march steadily toward eventual death. But the shaman insists on possibility, not probability! Her job is to shift us out of the old stories and limiting beliefs that lock us into suffering and disease. Through Soul and Destiny Retrievals she gifts us instead with the wings of infinite possibility.

November 05, 2007

Shamans:  The Applied Physicists of the Spirit World

As a physics major in the 1980’s I wrote my senior thesis on a little caveat in Quantum Theory called ‘non-locality’. No one was talking about it at the time; in fact, most of my professors told me to forget about it — it was just a mathematical anomaly. But there is something intuitively fascinating about non-locality. If you look into it, past the math and into what it suggests, it shows the entire universe is connected and exists outside of linear time.

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