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Posts from November, 2015

November 01, 2015

The Rescuer

Tags: The Resuer Archetype, Healer Archetype, Wounded Healer, Shadow, Lightworkers

Many of us, with our huge hearts in hand, reach out and help our fellow beings in their struggles and times of need. While this is a natural extension of our human capacity to love and care for one another, there is an archetype called the Rescuer that is a much different animal.

The Rescuer starts off innocently enough, as someone who wants to help, but they  soon become seduced by the power of their role. When we help someone else we are in a position of strength that the other person is temporarily without. If all we do is reach in and help them stand up again, we have answered a call of service. Many of us learn early in life that by rescuing the struggling members of our dysfunctional families we feel better about ourselves. When we start doing it for personal gain, we are no longer performing a selfless action.

November 01, 2015

Judement As A Form of Violence

Tags: Judgement, Violence, compassion, self development, responsibility

I am looking at the energetics of Judgement this morning...
While each judgement we entertain feels like a private thought, judgements have an aggressive energy to them that is directed outward toward the judged.
Most of us do not take responsibility for this little piece of violence that we send out into the world, thinking it is shrouded within the privacy of our own minds...
But judgement has a palpable energy, one that creates distance
And one that is felt when it is directed at you.
We all know this...
Because we have all felt it...
I'm not saying any of us have mastered the knee jerk reaction to protect ourselves by judging...
But I am asking that we all take a step back into compassion
And take responsibility for what we are putting out there.

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