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Posts from August, 2015

August 07, 2015

Relationships from the Heart

Tags: Perfection, authentic relationships, forgiveness, apology, perfection

A true relationship, based on heart and soul, means showing up in all our imperfection and being open to seeing the same in another.
It means taking responsibility for our moments of weakness...
And putting down the shield of perfection and and the sword of expectation
in exchange for the apologies
and forgiveness
that come from erring.

We cannot connect deeply through our illusions and facades.
Real relationships are built on a foundation of trust.
True relationships invite our shadows to the table so they can be seen...
And forgiven.

August 01, 2015

Listening Trees and Talking Sticks

Tags: Indiginous, Plant Consciousness, Sacred Circles, Fairy Rings, Authentic Communication

There is a tradition in some indigenous cultures where a Talking Stick is passed around in a circle. As each person has the stick they are invited to speak, uninterrupted, for a brief period of time. So often when we speak we are met with unsolicited, fix-it help, or someone jumping in to tell their own story, as they need to be heard as well. The Talking Stick practice teaches others in the group how to listen, fully and respectfully, and for the person holding the stick it is an opportunity to feel truly heard.

Talking Stick traditions have implicit within them the quiet listening nature of a tree. Yes, trees listen too. Trees listen, communicate and react. Many people discount plant consciousness because plants do not have a central nervous systems, as animals do. Trees, however, have energy fields, with chakras, just like every other living thing. They pull in information about the world around them through these chakras and covert the information into electrical signals, just like we do. Research shows they communicate with each other as well, through the mutual release of pheromones.

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