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Christina awakens the embodied creative fire within each of us. She has a unique gift for integrating the knowing of the senses, mind and spirit so that the teachings can be realized in deep and powerful ways.

- Ji Hyang Padma

Christina Allen is an amazing teacher. When she was scheduled to teach Heal the Light Body classes in Mexico (where I live), the fact that Christina was going to be the teacher made it all the more DEFINITE that I WAS GOING TO BE THERE!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christina, for everything -- for everything I learned from you.

- Louise Gomez. Tijuana, Mexico

In 2010 I fell while mountain biking and suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury. There was nothing the neurologist or the cognitive therapist could do after trying to treat me for over a year. It was difficult for me to walk and my word retrieval was so poor I could not effectively communicate. When I wanted to find something in the kitchen or where ever, I had to take a couple of minutes to remember what the item looked like before I could find it. I was able to take Christina Allen's South direction class at The Four Winds. After I returned home I asked for a healing session over the phone. Over the next three days after the session, I was healed of that brain injury! I feel such a beautiful connection to Spirit now and I know I have that for the rest of my life and beyond! I've been awakened to a whole new world!

- Peggy S, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Christina,
I am grateful to you for being a great and lovely teacher for me in the many classes I followed in the Four Winds School. I love the way you bring your spiritual path to us and the way you combine it with your scientific knowledge. I think it is of great importance to introduce both to each other, which you can do so well. I have great confidence you will continue it at the same beautiful level in your practice in Austin.

- Johan Wever MD Cardiac Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Doctor Zwolle, The Netherlands

I consider Christina Allen one of the bright parts of the Four Winds experience. She is knowledgeable and shares from a heart based fountain of experience. Anyone studying with her will be blessed.

- Mary Jean Rouzer, Lynnwood, Washington

I am having some incredible breakthroughs and they are coming rapidly and effortlessly. I am in awe. I feel so liberated, as if a million pounds of sludge have been given release and are now just sliding away. I am experiencing a previously unknown level of emotional safety within myself, a trust, which is allowing and encouraging the letting go. I am experiencing big shifts in my marriage, with my children and with the flow of my life. I can't wait for our next session!

- Heather Landis Huff, New Braunfels, Texas

I attended your Dying Consciously class, and want to pass on how wonderful the class was for me. First of all, I felt comfortable opening up to your instruction and guidance, which has not so easily done before. Second, I've gone further in the spiritual realm than ever before. Glad you are here, and I look forward to all you have to offer!

- Tricia Bergh RN,  Austin, Texas

Christina is the best teacher I have had, gentle, deep and wise.

- Venice Sullivan, Sacramento, Ca

I've done only one Element of the Sacred Spiral Series with Christina Allen, and I absolutely can not wait for the next!! I had a profound experience that she so beautifully facilitated. She provides a safe, organic, cozy environment to let your heart open and mind be free. Every thing from her pup Kuma to her sacred rituals, I'm in love! She has shared with me her experiences, healing hands, and a vast knowledge of spirit and how to tap into self empowerment through shamanic practices.

- Elizabeth Jensen, Austin, Texas

Christina brings many gifts to so many, through teaching and shamanic healing work. She is insightful, intelligent, and wise; a master teacher and shamanic healing practitioner of the highest caliber, filled to the brim with passion, compassion, wit, wisdom and integrity. I was a student of hers and I so appreciated her vast experience in the shamanic healing arts as well as her strong foundation in physics and neuroscience. I have profound gratitude for all that I learned from Christina, and the hours and hours spent in the classes that changed my life.

I also have had a very powerful healing session with Christina. Whoa…I never felt so “seen.” I am still reaping the benefits of that session, that took place over 2 years ago, which continue to grow in me, and that I am able to share with others in my own healing practice.
Christina magically and deftly weaves ancient healing traditions and modern science, creating a potent blend of really, really good medicine!

- Barbara Swift, RN Los Angeles, Ca Swift Wellness and Healing - Shamanic Energy Healing and Wellness

Just when I thought that my life and spiritual path couldn't be more deep and profound, then it crossed with Christina's path. Mixing spiritualism with science, Christina's Shamanism and teachings are what is needed for our modern times. Classically trained in the Q'ero traditions, she intertwines ancient fundamentals with contemporary utilities creating an amazing heritage of Medicine Wheel knowledge. As a river will join other waterways to form stronger rivers, Christina is adding to my body of spirituality through her Shamanic teachings.

- Randy Anderson, Austin, Texas

I went to Christina recently for a healing session because I was having difficulty processing some intense emotions about my mother. These were deep emotions from childhood that had been stirred up again due to recent events. After a few days of feeling a wrenching knot in my gut, I realized those emotions were not going away on their own. Christina worked with me and pulled the ugly feelings forward and removed the imprint that caused them to be there. Her work is subtle, but very powerful! It has been over a month since I’ve worked with Christina and the hurtful emotions are still gone, even when bringing up painful memories or dealing with my mother, whom I now have a healthier relationship with. Thank you Christina!

- Karen V.  Austin, Texas

My journey with Christina started when I was in the midst of what Western medicine called Crohn's DIsease, when, through a series of synchronicity, I came upon her medicine. Largely thanks to Christina’s holding her healing space with such deep integrity, I was able to cure myself. Since then we have continued to work deeply and my life has continued to shift in equally profound ways. Whenever there is something that I need assistance with, she is the shaman I call. Thank you Doña Christina!

- Joshua Nachman, Ellicot City, Maryland

Christina is an intelligent, knowledgeable, wise, and truly gifted teacher and shaman. I found her classes deeply inspiring and very healing. As a medicine person, I seek teaching from those who truly walk the path of medicine. She truly does. She is committed to the healing path with all of herself, and exemplifies the way of the shaman. As a teacher, she is also lots of fun, and makes the lessons come alive with her enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humor. She is a delight in so many ways. I am so grateful to have been her student.

- Julie Eaglesister Fletcher Los Angeles, Ca

Christina Allen is a very gifted, professional and compassionate Shaman. Her sessions have helped me on the energetic planes to clear energy blockages that have been there for a long time. I recommend her highly.

- Bill Hayes D.C., Thermopolis, Wyoming

Christina is a phenomenally gifted teacher and a powerful, compassionate healer. She holds an ethereal light of knowledge and techniques that she shares to help heal and illuminate your journey in life. I have had the opportunity to experience being both her student and her client. Christina’s balance of compassion, strength, and clarity in her teachings and as a shaman will safely hold you and brighten and change your life, forever.

- Shelley South, Lacey, Washington

My husband, who had done several sessions with Christina, suggested I work with her. I thought about it for a long time before I contacted her. Because I am a Psychologist I was filled with doubts... I live in Chile, for one thing, and she lived in California. I thought that a long distance session was so impersonal and you wouldn’t be able to establish good rapport with your client that way. But I finally decided to have a session. We met through Skype because I live so far away. At the beginning, I told her I didn't have any particular subject to work with. She was so kind, easy going and without affect that I felt very comfortable.

When she started checking the chakras, I started blowing out all the discomfort, thoughts and feelings. My body then started to shake so hard that I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. Then she started telling me the things that she was reading from my energy field that freaked me out more, because there were feelings that I haven’t even wanted to recognize in myself.
At the end of this session, I felt drained, but liberated and in peace. It was the beginning of a new way to approach my personal work and a beloved friendship that I am proud to count on.

- Ross Mery Heded, Author of Para Ver, Para Sentir, Para Intuir, De La Magia A La Luz,  Vina Del Mar,

Imagine if in your high school chemistry class you would have been taught the Chakra System along with the Periodic Table of Elements. In your biology class you were taught about your energetic body along with your anatomical body, and in your health class you were taught "the facts of death" along with "the facts of life". And imagine your school counselor giving you an interpretation of your aura along with an interpretation of the results of your Strong Campbell Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs tests. If this had been your high school education, then Christina's class in "Dying Consciously" would simply be the next natural progression of your education instead of your initial exposure to this terminology or concepts.

This class is for those who are aware "you don't get out of this world alive". This is a hands-on class, which offers you the opportunity to work at the energetic level with someone you just met, but with whom you find an immediate connection after the first exercise. You need to be prepared to share your life with strangers who feel like lifelong friends. You will learn steps to take to facilitate the dying process.
The information presented in this class affirms death and reinforces life. I will be taking this class again.

- Rebecca Drake, Austin Texas

For more than a year, I've been dealing with a sore throat that starts as mucus in the nose. Then the mucus goes down into the throat and the sore throat starts. If I'm lucky, that's the only problem I have for months. At other times, I get laryngitis and lose my voice completely for 1 to three days. The doctor gives me medication but the sore throat continues for months at a time, goes away and then returns. When I took your Dying Consciously course, I still had a mild case of sore throat. Immediately after your class, I noticed that my voice had started coming back to normal soon after one of your students cleansed my chakras. It has continued to improve since then. I can't help but think: "Wow! If this is what happens when a student does the cleansing, wonder what would happen if Christina herself was to cleanse me?"

- Bea Fincher, Austin, Texas

Professor Allen (I met her when she taught at the University) is an incredible Light Worker, Shaman, Mentor, Guide, and Consummate Healer! I am honored to know Professor Allen for over 7 years. Her strength as a clear channel and healer has helped me monumentally shift my life in a positive direction; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In fact, she has been an instrumental catalyst for me to follow my heart throughout my life!

Her gift of intuition is matched by her expertise in physics, molecular biology, and neuroscience. Professor Allen is so humble, and down to earth, humorous and affable.... Our world needs her and her blessed healing work now more than ever!! And it will continue to grow through us! It is necessary and fundamental that Professor Allen's healing work, service, and leadership continue to transform our world one heart and soul at a time. She is a sacred steward to our personal healing and growth....I trust her, wholeheartedly! And once you connect with her and see how she is living in alignment with her highest self and highest calling, it inevitably encourages you to do the same!
She is beyond passionate and a true expert in her field.
I've had the privilege to be Professor Allen's client and student. I've also witnessed her transformation from being the most incredible Ashtanga Yoga Teacher to becoming the most Amazing Healer and Shaman!!!
It is very rare to have someone so expertly grounded in science and so deftly versed in metaphysics at the same time. Christina Allen is a bridge between both worlds and teaches us that there is no separation between the two.

- Alexander Hoang,  Vista, California

I'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the workshop experience on Dying Consciously. Opening up this dialogue with my aging loved ones, as difficult as it may be, will be one of the most important conversations I will ever have, and this workshop has given me the courage to have that conversation, as well as the skills to be a source of comfort and assistance when that time comes. My mind is more at ease knowing that I can help facilitate this transition in a manner that offers grace, dignity, and surrender, not just for my loved ones, but for those I assist in my role as a Hospice volunteer and their grieving families. Thank you for this invaluable workshop.

- Karen Perkins, Austin, Texas

I met Christina in 2009. She was one of my teachers at The Four Winds Society. She became my personal healer. Her wisdom, great love, compassion and the many gifts she has made her one of the best and most loved teacher at Four Winds School. I am glad she crossed my spiritual path as a teacher. I am thankful for her knowledge as a healer. She has helped me through many difficult and painful times in my life. I would love to take this training program all over again, especially if Christina is leading the way.

- Sandra Jacobs, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have known Christina Allen as both a teacher of shamanic studies and as a practitioner of shamanic energy medicine. In both arenas I have found Christina to be extremely competent and caring. As a teacher of shamanic practices, Christina was able to explain abstract concepts with a great deal of precision and scientific knowledge, which was refreshing and very useful! And as a shamanic practitioner, I felt completely cared for as Christina provided work that led me to releasing old layers of trauma that had been holding me back. Christina is a compassionate, skilled and highly intuitive shamanic practitioner and teacher. I highly recommend her as a trusted guide in the shamanic realms.”

- Nannette C., Estes Park, CO

Christina Allen brings a unique set of qualifications into the world of facilitated healing. She has managed to weave her studies in quantum physics, neuroscience, yoga, and shamanism into a tapestry of knowledge and skills that beautifully compliment each other. Her combination of fierce intelligence and profoundly deep compassion make her a trustworthy guide through the return journey to our most authentic selves. I first met Christina back in 2002 at the yoga studio she owned in San Marcos, CA. I had been involved in several yoga studios in the North San Diego County area and the first thing that struck me about Christina was a sense of integrity and authenticity that I felt was missing in other places. Over the years she has proven again and again that my first impression was spot on. Soon after I met her she began her studies in shamanic energy work and I was privileged to be among her earliest clients. The work we did helped me to see myself, my life, and my patterning more clearly. She works with an undivided presence that allows space and receptivity for whatever occurs. Her training is powerful and she wields her tools with a balance of tenderness and acceptance that yield undeniable shifts towards the energetic alignment of each person she works with. She is a wealth of knowledge, a deep well of understanding, and a true gem of a person.

- Ann Melin, San Diego, Ca

"Brilliant" and "Stellar" are the two words that come up when describing Christina Allen and her profound abilities. Christina was my first lead shamanic teacher at The Four Winds Society and continues to be teacher, mentor and healer for me. I have worked closely with her over the past few years to resolve some very intense past life issues as well as her assisting and mentoring me to hone my own shamanic skill set. My parents, while both in their 80's, also had incredible, life altering healing sessions with Christina. Both were amazed and delighted by their dramatic shifts of perspective in themselves and in each other. I am grateful to have witnessed Christina's impact on many different levels of experience through her vast wisdoms, insights, knowledge and gifts. Both as teacher and healer. Christina Allen is straightforward, compassionate and effective.
Christina embodies the values that we as humans and practitioners aspire to in life and in our work... Kindness, Fearlessness, Integrity and Impeccability. Thank you Christina Allen for the blessings you have brought to my family and to me with your gifts, your work, your love....

- Debra Hicks, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Christina Allen has the extraordinary ability to form a connection between her students, the subject matter, experience, and the Heart. Students are effortlessly ushered to an authentic understanding of the mysteries that are available at this time to us all Christina is a living example of what she teaches. She has the knack of placing into words and actions her teachings in a way that the student can digest in their own way. She is able to promote a group atmosphere of intimate sharing – a feeling of family inclusiveness that makes learning easy. Most of all, Christina has a clear vision of how we can all benefit from the ancient knowledge that has been extended to her. She is called as a spokesperson for the transformational possibilities that we are offered during this time in our lives. She is more than an inspiring teacher; she is an example of the best in all of us.

- Merlin Hindley, Kapaau, Hawaii, Hawaii

I am totally convinced of THE effectiveness of shamanic work and that it is based on our ability to log into a Universal Energy Matrix with our powerful Brain and Heart Energy Fields. If you listen to your body and the vibrations that are already there, these fields only need to be activated and recognized. Through simple commands to your Brain through ceremony, or prayer to the omnipotent godly energy around you, and in yourself, you can inform and repair these fields with that energy, which then activates your DNA. Shamanic work is A way to enter the universe of your Brain, the universe of your body and the Universe!

- Michiel Tellier MD,  fellow of EBOPRASS, Head of the plastic surgery training dept Isala Clin

I have had the pleasure of Christina being my tribal leader while training with the Four Winds Society as well as experiencing private sessions with her. One session in particular, while I was living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, resulted in a change in my career path. Apparently it was the right move as I enjoy driving in to work every morning. Thanks Christina!

- Randall Sexton, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Fort Riley, Kansas

I wanted to be free of the energetic pull of an old relationship that seemed to still be magnetizing me. I had done a lot of other types of work for over 20 years and the pattern persisted. By working with Chris I was able to break free of that archetypal relationship pattern and find greater freedom and a deeper sense of empowerment. Christina is a skilled and dynamic Shaman. She is mature and sensitive and someone I trust. I traveled to Peru in an expedition she led which opened whole new mystical worlds and healing experiences for me that changed my life. I highly recommend Chris -- she's the "real deal."

- Geri Portnoy, M.A. Director, Yoga Del Mar, Del Mar, Ca

Christina is amazing. Over the last several years, my work with her has helped me on so many levels, including helping me get through the loss of my father. Her energetic work has brought me peace, understanding and clarity in very difficult times. She has also worked many times with my son, who is 14, and has autism with related communication challenges. Her work with him has had profound results and helped me understand him so much better. I am so grateful that my son and I have been able to experience and benefit from her healing work.

- Kimberly L J.D, Los Angeles, Ca

I have spent many weeks sitting with Christina’s wisdom and her teachings. At a time when so many workshops prove to be insubstantial ‘fluff’, Christina delivers even more than promised, both in terms of healing therapy and new understandings of self. She generously shares her gifts in a safe supportive environment and teaches with great passion and joy. Because Christina is also a gifted, knowledgeable, and compassionate healer she brings much experience and intellect to her teaching. I have found her workshops to be healing, challenging, therapeutic, life-changing, and absolutely wonderful!

In the deepest darkest hour of my life, I turned to Christina for help. She was immediately responsive, compassionate, and tuned in to what was going on for me. The care and respect with which she held my problems enabled me to easily unburden myself and open my heart to healings. She created such a warm and safe place for me to do the work I needed to do to move forward in my life with a new and stronger, healthier sense of self and improved quality of relationships with my family and friends. I want to share my appreciation for all that you have offered and continue to offer, to me personally as I make my way along this life’s path. You are an inspiration for me and I continue to gather wisdom and wellbeing from your classes and writings reminding me that I can trust my own knowing. The insights that you offer to living life consciously and to the fullest with love and respect guide me daily. With love and unending gratitude.

- Abby Cole, Sacramento, Ca

"Christina has a true gift of healing. This shamanic work has cleared imprints of trauma and wounds that years of talking therapy were not able to do. Christina is also one of the more engaging teachers that I've worked with in many years on this path; her clarity, wit and warmth connect you to deep esoteric truths."

- Mary McKenna, MF Psychotherapist, Corral de Tierra, Ca

Christina helped me with my recurrent low back pain and generalized low-level lack of life force and after just two healing sessions. She is an excellent shamanic energy healer, and her compassion and understanding are wonderful. I am greatly impressed with the effectiveness of this type of deeply healing medicine. Western allopathic medicine has little effective treatment for many chronic diseases and symptoms. Many, if not all, chronic conditions have non-physical/spiritual/energetic components which need to be addressed. Despite this, many physicians unwittingly try to treat these conditions in a variety of ways, often with adverse or negative results. I heartily recommend Christina Allen with no reservations!

- Robert Swift, MD,  Los Angeles, Ca

As a lecturer in my university medical anthropology class, Christina presents a world of new insight into shamanism. Presenting from two different but complementary world views, Christina seamlessly joins quantum physics with traditional wisdom and so speaks to a wide audience with varying beliefs. Students find Christina's talk and their experience of the guided journey Christina takes them on to greatly facilitate their understanding of shamanism. By the end of the lecture, students have moved from a vague understanding of shamanic healing to a full appreciation of it and an ability to comprehend the tradition on more than one level and from more than one lens. A truly invaluable talk and a truly engaged and amazing speaker!

- Pamela Godde, Lecturer at CSUSM, San Diego, Ca

Dear Christina,
I am so grateful to have met you 8 years ago. Your shamanic healing practice has changed
my life! I am basically a new person. You have very clear vision and within your Loving hands, the healing is miraculous.

- Miguel Heded Abraham, Chile

“Christina is a rare combination of intellectual brilliance and surrender to service. She is my go-to-gal when it comes to Shamanic healing, as she is tenacious, masterful and spot on.”

- Austyn Wells, Spiritual Medium and Soul Gardener, Los Angeles, California

I met Christina in 2006, while I was a student with the Four Winds Society, and she was an assistant teacher. There are very few teachers that I have met with the integrity, authenticity, knowledge and most importantly, the compassion of Spirit she has. Christina is one of these teachers. I have also had formal and informal sessions with Christina in my own healing process. As a gay man, she has assisted me in my own spiritual growth and self acceptance. In addition, she has helped me with several medical diagnosis concerning my own well being. I treasure and value her insights and connection with Spirit...she is truly a blessing in my life as a teacher, healer and friend.

- Anthony H. Encinitas, CA.

It is a pleasure to endorse Christina Allen! She was the lead instructor for the Four Winds Society Light Body School when I trained there. I am kind of an expert on trainings, since I have been to more trainings, workshops and ceremonies than I can count. In the 37 years I have been a therapist and 30 plus years as a Sundancer, it has been my privilege to have worked with several renowned teachers and some of the most knowledgeable healers and "medicine people" in the world. Christina is among the very best I have had the pleasure of learning from; and I learned a lot from her! Her teaching style and personal manner is engaging and inviting. Her knowledge is deep and her heart is wide-open. She has a great sense of humor and an eloquent way of explaining what can often be confusing subject matter. She makes accessible the otherwise mysterious.

If you are looking for a skilled guide to the ways of the shaman, or perhaps looking for new tools and a higher understanding on how people grow and heal, how to truly engage and assist that process rather than hinder it or merely project your own notions...or just how to help yourself heal or or move beyond troublesome patterns in your life... I don't believe you could do any better than Christina Allen. Unless you are narcoleptic, you won't be falling asleep in any of her workshops, I can tell you.

- Jim Redtail Collins, PhD     Redtail Healing Arts     Redding, CA

I can highly recommend Christina Allen's shamanic skills and abilities. I had never had a session with a shamanic energy worker before. Christina answered all my questions beforehand and made me very comfortable with what would transpire. The session itself was very powerful. We covered a huge amount of metaphysical ground. Christina was supportive, thorough and professional the entire time.
Thank you, Christina, for a profound experience!

- Peter M.,  Austin, TX,  Natural Health Professional

The Nine Rites are truly amazing gifts and Christina is a genuine Hollow Bone, creating the space and pouring unconditional love for each of the participants to receive these gifts. I have been on the shamanic path for the last 5-6 years. When I opened that door to this world it felt like an earthquake and the energies came rushing in like Niagara Falls. The Rites really settled all those energies, they helped me recognize my boundaries, and they gave the energies a structure, allowing me to learn to work with them through the Archetypes, Bands of Protection and Healing Lineages. And it gives you a glimpse on how to be a Co-Creator! For me it changed my life by giving me the tools to truly take charge of my healing, my shamanic skills and learning to own my own shadow.

- Natacha C Swiderski, Austin, Texas, Massage Therapist

I had the privilege to journey through the 2019 Energy Medicine Certification series with an incredible group of Mesa Carriers. The EMC series was impactful both personally and professionally. It is a commitment. A commitment you make to dive deeper and expand farther. Christina has a way of marring ancient wisdom and ancient medicine with science. She leads the class with confidence and curiosity. If you are contemplating taking this series, please allow this message to serve as your push.

- Peyton Callahan, Wellbeing Coach and Mentor, Austin, Tx

I began taking classes at the Austin Shamanic Center with the intention of guiding my personal development as I transitioned through major life changes. I was leaving roles behind where I had been working full-time for 38 years as a licensed clinical social worker and I was getting married after being single for 20 years. I knew I needed to change my perceptions of self and how I interacted with the world. I wanted to make those changes through a more thorough integration of my true Self into my daily life. Each step of the way, I noticed I was calmer with the vicissitudes of life, and I was more confident. At the end of the Andean Master’s Class I noticed a significant shift in my internal awareness of Self! I felt “fuller” and experienced “balance” with life in ways that are difficult to describe. I have a precious awareness of all that life offers and very little angst about anything, including writing this testimonial! I also have the skills needed to navigate thoroughly through the time/space continuum to shift from one life experience to another.

My husband, Harry, said that I seem more comfortable in my own skin, more comfortable being Valerie. My daughter, Miki, reported that she thought I was calmer and less excitable about everyday things.

I highly recommend taking the classes at the Austin Shamanic Center for anyone interested in enriching their interface with life.

- Valerie Shown, Austin, Texas

"Christina Allen...The Healers Healer!
Masterful are her gifts, her talent, her skill set. Always working with the highest level of Integrity. Always helping me to clear my path forward".

Christina has assisted me on my path of Enlightenment and healing for the past 5 years, both as teacher and healer.
Recently, I came to Christina to help solve a year long odyssey of my unexplained hair loss.
We've done much work together over the years, always with a profound outcome, but this latest session was over the top!
She found the link, in the midst of deep shamanic work, that was associated with my 10 year old breast implants (which had never been a problem)!
The information IMMEDIATELY resonated with me.
There is a modern illness I had never heard of (nor had Christina!), even though I had been through the medical system with numerous doctors, blood tests, hair analysis, etc.
It is called BII, Breast Implant Illness. A condition with many symptoms, hair loss just being one of them.
I have since done my own in depth research, have had the implants removed and I am feeling great, on the road to recovery!
I am still in awe......
It was an AMAZING discovery, through Christina Allen's AMAZING work!
I am so grateful for her integrity, her compassion and her true dedication to wellness....... physically, emotionally and spiritually!
I am proud to call her teacher, healer, friend.

- Debra Hicks

It is through the individual sessions with Christina Allen that I have healed past wounds and discovered a healthier, more energetic and happier life. As a guide and healer, Christina offers a safe yet powerful medium to address issues and come through with greater insight and strength. These sessions offered me an opportunity to let go and open myself to unexpected gifts including physical, mental, and emotional well being. My friends commented on the positive changes they saw in me and asked what I had done. Thank you Christina.

- Susan Jarvis, Austin Texas

I am a yoga teacher, Paq'o, and Reiki Master and have been on my own personal healing journey for many years. I have experienced healing through spiritual practices and different types of energy healing, as well as traditional therapy. But, nothing comes close to the profound life changing healing that I have experienced with Christina. I have dealt with crushing anxiety and panic attacks my entire life. I haven’t been able to sleep without self medicating. I have been an addict. Through my work with Christina, I discovered repressed memories of sexual abuse that happened during my very early childhood. This realization helped me make sense of my whole life.. Christina listened to me tell my story for the first time in my life. My WHOLE story. She held space for me with profound, unwavering loving kindness, and helped me integrate this experience, which included going through the process of soul retrieval. At age 55, I am a whole human being for the first time since the age of four. And my sleep has greatly improved! What an amazing gift.

Christina is a true healer. The real deal. Her sessions are one-on-one and she gently guides you through the entire process, always making you feel safe and supported. I have experienced sessions virtually and in person, and both are equally as effective.

I sent this note to Christina, and I think it pretty much sums up my experience - thank you so much for all of this Christina. It’s the greatest gift of my life, and the kindest, most compassionate and loving thing I’ve ever experienced. I am forever grateful. Truly.

- Carol Ann Britain, Austin Tx

Hi Christina, I just want to say thank you again for holding these (Andean Foundation) classes for us and for taking so much time to prepare the materials, you are a wonderful teacher and you made the teachings very clear and accessible. I really enjoyed the classes, and enjoyed hearing the other students' experiences and stories in the class. Thank you for holding space for us and I am looking forward to engaging on this path with you and the other students as well... You are an amazing teacher and human being, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do this work under your tutelage!

- Angela S. Escondido, Ca

I would like to give a most grateful thank you for your wisdom, for taking the time to teach us the true traditions of this path. The practices, exercises, and experiences of this work (the Andean Foundation Training) have been life changing for me. The Ayllu we formed (online) over the past months will be part of me always and I only feel will become stronger. Learning these traditions has, I perceive and feel, helped me be a better paqo and opened my heart and awareness to what is possible and available to me. Thank you for your Anyi, the sharing of your knowledge and gifts, you are a blessing to us all!

Again, a deep loving thank you!

- Stephen Archer, Oklahoma City

I just wanted to tell you thank you, again, from every molecule of my being. I feel like I have bandwidth for the first time in as long as I can remember. Several things happened this morning that previously would have caused me to go into a spiral or become incredibly stressed, and each potential stressor just rolled off of me like water on a duck's back. I cannot believe the significant difference, even if this lasts for only a few days (though I know it will be longer) it would be worth every penny to have felt peace to this degree again. I forgot I could feel this way, and I truly cannot thank you enough.

- Allison, Attorney, Portland Oregon

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