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Where is Austin Shamanic Center?

There is no brick and mortar location for ASC, we do most of our workshops at a an event center in Hays County, and our healing work in various places around Southwest Austin. You will be given the location pertinent to your needs when you sign up for a service!

What does a typical session look like?

Most sessions are about 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes are consultative to assess your goals or issues, then you lay fully clothed on a massage table while we work with your energy field. The last 30 minutes involve assessing homework that will further your healing process.

How many sessions does it take to heal?

This completely depends on the issue, how deep it is, and how willing you are to let it go and heal. People often say one session can clear what 15 years of traditional therapy never touched. Usually within 3 sessions, spaced several weeks apart, we can clear the many layers of an issue at the emotional and spiritual levels that are causing us problems. Deeply set physical illnesses may require more work, and while an emotional and spiritual healing will take place, the physical symptoms will not always disappear, although there are many instances where they do. This is the difference between healing and curing. Look for the article on Healing verses Curing in the Keeping up with ASC section for more on the distinction.

How soon can I have my second session?

It is best to space your sessions 1-2 weeks apart to give yourself time for major shifts to take place. Occasionally another issue, related to the first, will appear right behind it. In these cases it is appropriate to do another session within days.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing.

Is Shamanic healing a laying on of hands?

No, it is clearing your chakras, lifting and removing imprints (negative experiences from your past) and impurities from your energy field.

Do I need to believe in the process for it to work?

No. We ask that you believe that you can heal. Many people hold onto their discomfort because it is familiar to them. If you are truly ready for change, it will happen.

How is it different from Reiki?

Reiki is beautiful energy work that clears and rebalances your chakras. Reiki does not, however, remove the imprints that put your chakras out of balance in the first place. With shamanic healing we clear the chakras, imprints and create new healing maps. Reiki is an excellent place to begin your healing journey. When we have deep rooted problems that do not resolve though simple balancing we need to go deeper. Shamanic work gets to the deeper roots of what is taking you out of balance and helps you restructure your life to it takes a more constructive tact.

Can I go back to work after a session?

Yes. Depending on the depth of your work, you may feel tingling in your hands or feet or you may feel a bit tired. These are good signs that you have done good healing work.

How will I feel the next day?

Clients experience a variety of feelings from nothing to revitalized to tiredness. You may release a significant amount of “heavy” energy from your body that you were unconsciously carrying. Give yourself a week to let this powerful healing process work. The energetics work in real time but may take a few days for your psyche to catch up. The body to can take up to 2 weeks to shift. The effects are individual, subtle and deeply profound.

How is shamanic work different than psychological counseling?

Psychologists work at the level of your mind, behavior and emotions. They help you identify and come to peace with your issues but you usually still carry triggers to those issues. The shaman works at the level of the soul. When your soul is cleared of the wounds causing your emotional and physical problems, you can release those triggers.

Does it work on physical injuries?

Absolutely. Many injuries are a result of a damaged Light Energy Field (LEF).

Does it conflict with my religion?

No. This energetic healing work is available to clients of all religions. We encourage our clients practice their own belief system. The shaman works within the belief of the client.

Do I need to believe in God for this to work?

No. We encourage you to want to heal and believe you can. Sometimes the first thing we have to work on is your limited belief that you cannot heal.

Do you work specifically with Indigos?

Yes. We work in close alliance with GoIndigo, training many of their Reiki students in the Shamanic Healing Arts.

Why is ceremony a big part of this healing tradition?

Because ceremony temporarily allows us to step out of our everyday time, thinking and habits where profound healing results can be fostered. When you stay in “realtime” you remain in your everyday thinking and cannot detach from your old ways of being and how you typically see things.

How can this work over the phone or Skype?

Our logical brain wants to see physical, temporal connections between things and may have a hard time believing this can work if we cannot be in physical contact. We are all connected, however, energetically. When we are working at the energetic level, in ceremony, we are not bound by the same rules of space and time. True healing takes place. We work with clients all over the world from Europe to Chile on a regular basis.

What is an imprint?

An imprint is an energetic "memory" or distortion created on your energetic body each time you have something happen to you that you cannot process well. Usually we cannot process them because we were too young at the time of the event and did not have the skills yet to do so, they were too overwhelming to even face or they happened as we died in a past life. Because our energy bodies are the eternal part of ourselves, we carry these imprints from lifetime to lifetime. Until they are removed they orchestrate our worlds so that the same wounded pattern reoccurs in our life until they are removed. Usually because we live from within them they are difficult to see for ourselves and require the help of an objective, trained shaman to remove.

What is a Soul Retreival?

When we have particularly challenging moments in our lives, often the result of violence or chronic abuse, a part of us leaves and does not continue on to be wounded. It stays innocent at the age you were at the time of the incident and remains buried in shadow. The part of us that continues on feels broken or like a part of it is missing until that part is returned. Returning it brings back the traits you had at that age, but lost, when this part went into hiding. A trained shaman can find this piece of you and return it. Often before it can come home, however, you will need to make a safe home for it in your life; usually a soul retrieval follows a couple of sessions to clear the imprints from the events that made it leave.

What Is a Destiny Retreival?

We all come into this world with purpose and destiny. Life happens, however, and brings with it many lessons. Sometimes we do not get the lessons and get stuck in the wounding instead. This derails us from our original destinies. Once we have done the imprint work and returned any missing soul pieces we need to be whole again, we are able to align again with our original destines. A trained shaman can reconnect you to these original destinies so that you are now sourcing from your future self instead of stuck in your past.


Are these classes only for people who want to be “shamans” or healers?

No. Many people come purely for personal self development. Most classes are open to anyone. In fact, the more who take them, the more we raise consciousness and compassion in our community. The Energy Medicine Certification, however, is specifically for individuals who are committed to becoming professional healers.

Where are the workshops held?

Currently, most workshops are held in a magical event center on 3 acres of scruffy land, abutting another 7000! It is a rustic place located off Fitzhugh Road in Hays County, 78736, perfect for shamanic mystery and magic! The Kid's Programs are currently taught in Oak Hill at Tiger's ATX Training facility.

What is a Mesa?

A Mesa is a medicine bundle that is traditionally carried by the shamans of South America. Mesas are filled with stones that are initially used as a tool for self improvement work. These stones become healing Kuyas by going through a series of rites that connect them with ancient lineages of healers and wisdom keepers. This bundle of Kuyas is called a “Mesa” or altar.

What do I bring to a workshop?

Typically a notebook, pen and perhaps a yoga mat for lying down on. You will be provided a list prior to your class, depending upon the workshop.

How large are the workshops?

We like to keep them small and intimate. Typically we have about 12 people or less in each workshop.

Why do you provide lunches and dinners at the workshops that last several days?

The work you do in your workshops often involve exercises with a partner during mealtimes. To keep it easy and efficient for our attendees, we have freshly prepared healthy meals. If you have special needs, we will do our best to accommodate them.

Where can I stay for workshops that span a weekend?

There are many airbnb's and hotels close by the place we work from for workshops, in the 78736 zipcode. We are off Fitzhugh, in Hays County. In the not too distant future there will also be small cabins and shared dormitory facilities available on site. Stay tuned!

Do you have guest speakers teach workshops at your site?

Yes. Our program is three pronged. We teach the basics of shamanism in our Five Element Mesa Carrier Series. We also go in depth with Energy Medicine as it aligns with modern scientific concepts in the Energy Medicine Certification Program. On the third prong we invite in guest speakers from various Shamanic Traditions to come in and both deepen and widen our understanding of Shamanic practices. Please stay tuned to our Event section for upcoming speakers.

Is there a price break for taking the 5 Elements again, if you already took it?

Yes! The class is repeatable for $350! If you took the Five Element Series before, you may repeat the series at the reduced class rate. We also offer a limited number or assistant programs, where you may repeat the courses free of charge, in exchange for your assistance throughout the entire series.

Is there a price reduction for taking the Energy Medicine Certificatiion Classes again?

Yes! If you have taken the EMC classes before at ASC or an equivalent program the class price is only $400. We also offer a limited number or assistant programs, where you may repeat the courses free of charge, in exchange for your assistance throughout the entire series.

What is your definition of a Full Mesa Carrier?

A Full Mesa Carrier, in this context, is someone who has completed the personal work of the Shaman Initiate. By completing the formal training of an "Inka Medicine Wheel" program or by completing ASC's Five Element Series, one has done the deep personal work that readies them for becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Not only do they have a Full Mesa but these Hollow Bones also have the deep training that ensures they will use their medicine safely, ethically and responsibly!

How do I find current dates for classes?

The dates for each class are under the class descriptions. These are renewed and updated at the end of each calendar year.

Where can I get an authentic Mesa cloth?

There are many websites to choose from. One we especially like is:
Or Google Q'ero Mestanas...

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