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Austin Shamanic Center is a safe, compassionate, place for self empowerment, healing, and professional advancement in the shamanic healing arts. The principle behind all the teachings, and healings, is that at the core we are all energetic beings having a physical experience. How we experience this world as individuals is based on our perceptions, and these are driven by what is imprinted on our souls. When we can clear ourselves of the wounds and energetic imprints behind our limiting beliefs, and coping mechanisms, fine tune our intuition, and clear our perceptions, we are able to reclaim our personal integrity, and manifest the intentions we had for incarnating.

There are many paths up the mountain at ASC, but all of them are focused and offered in a professional context. You can begin your journey with one-on-one healings, or you can take any of the many introductory workshops we offer. Introduction to Mystical Shamanism, and The Nine Rites, are both workshops open to anyone wanting just a taste of the shamanic wisdom we teach at ASC. We also have workshops to help the highly perceptive, or SuperCeptors, adjust to their intuitive gifts. We  offer a Dying Consciously course as well, open to anyone interested in helping loved ones transition gracefully. 

For those ready to jump in the pool and swim, we have the Five Elements Mesa Carrier series, a 10 month program of self development work, rites, protections, and initiations. This step requires time and commitment, so it appeals to those who want to go deep. After that is complete,  you are a Full ASC Mesa Carrier. Full Mesa Carriers are the foudation of our school. We gather monthly to share, and teach each other complimetary skills, and we gather at least quaterly for drum circle and despacho ceremonies.  For many, being a Full Mesa Carrier is what they needed to step into their authenticity and hold it, and it also provides them with a community of like minded indivduals, or a Tribe, that they belong to. For those Full Mesa Carriers who want to go on and become professional healers, their completion of the Mesa Carrier program makes them eligible to continue on with our rigourous ten month Energy Medicine Certification program. All classes are high caliper and focus on pulling from you your best version of you!

The Q’ero shamans of Peru use the word “Ayni,” or “right relationship,” when they speak of restoring harmony. Bringing things into ayni is the basis for all healing and it also means “Yes!” When we are in Ayni, rain falls where it is needed, friends call when we are blue, and our ailing minds and bodies heal. As we become clear and energetically restored, we reclaim our personal radiance, and miracles happen in our worlds!

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