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Austin Shamanic Center is a safe, compassionate, resource for stepping into self empowerment, healing from trauma and abuse, and acquiring professional training in the advanced shamanic arts. The principle behind all the teachings and healings is that at the core we are all energetic beings, or souls, engaged in the challenge of living a very physical existence, in a very human body. Most of us hit snags along the way that create wounds and fears that imprint us at the level of the psyche or soul, hindering our ability to thrive. Some of us suffer through trauma that scars us emotionally as well. Sometimes this all even leads to physical illness. 

Past woundings left unresolved tend to warp our perceptions, making us see through the eyes of our pain, even when we are no longer conscious of it. We simply see the results of our dysfunction. When we can clear ourselves of the repressed emotions that keep us locked in past stories, and the energetic sludge they generate, we can then dismantle the limiting beliefs and dysfunctional coping mechanisms that have kept us confined to living safe but lifeless lives. As we clear on all four levels, physically, emotionally, psychically, and energetically, we become more conscious, start to perceive the world differently, and we begin to thrive. We can then fine tune our intuitions, hone our innate perceptions, and reclaim our personal power and integrity. This journey of raising our Soul Consciousness is the basis of all shamanic healing at ASC.

Where to start:

There are many paths up the mountain at ASC, and all of them are focused, and offered, in a professional context. You can begin your journey with one-on-one healings, or you can take any of the many introductory workshop we offer. The Online Introduction to Andean Mysticism workshop is open to anyone wanting just a taste of the shamanic wisdom we teach at ASC. 

Going Deeper:

For those of you ready to jump in the pool and swim, we have the Andean Foundation Training series, a 2 month online program of self development work, creating spiritual alliances, energetic healing practices, and initiations. This step requires time and commitment, so it appeals to those who want to go deep. It is the path of the Andean Paq’o (shaman) as taught to anthropologist Juan Nuñez del Prado through his 13 years of study with three Andean Master teachers. It is the practices and initiations of three complimentary paths, the Paña, Chaupi, and Lloq’e, and the beginning of the journey into the higher levels of consciousness it takes to be a Master Paq'o. This series does require time and commitment, so it appeals to those of you who are serious and want to go deep. You do not have to be a healer, it is a spiritual path of conscious evolution for anyone looking for a deeper connection with Nature and the origins of creation. It is also the foundation work for our professional EMC classes.

For those who have completed the Andean Foundation series and want to go deeper, we have the Andean Master's class, where we use the teachings of another of Juan's teachers to go deeper with the Andean Foundation work. For those wanting to put the rubber to the road and practice all of these teachings in person we have the Misha Carrier series. This is where  and we dig in to climbing the stairway to more and more evolved levels of consciousness. It's a journey into honing our self awareness and perception through Andean energetic practices and self development work, all as we are deepening our relationships with the Universal Spirit Guides.

For those who have completed all of the above and want to become professional healers, consider our premier Energy Medicine Certification program. This is an online set of courses where we draw on the Andean Energy practices in the AFt series and then blend it with current psychological concepts, cutting edge trauma neuroscience, breath work, somatic release, and other shamanic practices to help the client truly heal. This blend amplifies the traditional Andean energy medicine work and accelerates healing by effectively transcending the fear locked mind, allowing for expansion, neurological reset, somatic release, and integration work, within one session. The result is deep healing from trauma, abuse, and other forms of dysfunction that have been resistant to talk therapy, and often times the opening for physical healing that had remained illusive. All classes are high caliper and rigorous, exploring the basis of trauma and and applying shamanic techniques to transcend dysfunction neuropathways and reset the energetics of the troubled soul. 


Step Into The Magic:

The Andean paq'os, or shamans, of Peru use the word “Ayni,” or “right relationship,” when they speak of restoring harmony. Bringing things into ayni is the basis for all healing and it is a measure of our Soul Consciousness. When we are in a high state of ayni we are more congruent with Source Consciousness, rain falls where it is needed, friends call when we are blue, and our ailing minds and bodies heal. As we become psychically clear and energetically restored, we reclaim our personal radiance, and miracles happen in our worlds!

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