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Austin Shamanic Center rides the razor’s edge between Spirituality and Modern Science, bringing 50,000-year-old wisdom teachings of the ancient Americas and beyond into the twenty first century. We offer you personal healing and professional training in Energy Medicine based on these teachings and give you the tools to create optimal health, self awareness and wellness on every level of your being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Once you have empowered yourself you learn to facilitate the same in others. As we come into balance we create a conscious community that makes a positive difference in the world from the place of deepest service.

The Latest from ASC

August 18, 2014

Are You Making This Up?

Are you perceiving or projecting...?
Are you using Judgement or Discernment?

It is the difference between receiving information... and manufacturing it...
Between drawing it in and containing it verses creating it and propagating it out...

So often we preempt our intuition through the use of our minds and words... To not know, makes us feel vulnerable... So we choose to overlay what we do know, onto the unfamiliar.

But in this way we never grow.
We just march over the same old ground and in it familiarity, beat our chests claiming our prowess.

From Not-Knowing we join in the mystery as it is ever unfolding before us...
Within us...

To not know is open the intuition to true knowing...

July 06, 2014

Munay Ki: The Nine Rites August 31, Sept 14, 21

The Munay Ki is a series of 9 rights handed down to us through the indigenous Earthkeepers of the South Americas. They help us to step into the fullness of our true nature by transforming our human energy field and re-informing our DNA, enabling us to grow new bodies that age, heal, and die differently. The rites are energetic transmissions that upgrade and align our energy fields while connecting them to lineages of ancient Earthkeepers. This allows you to resonate at the level of the ancient Master Shamans, opening you for profound personal transformation and creating a healthier body and a more love centered life. They are not a substitue for training as a shamanic initiate but they are a nice place start if you want to get a taste of the shamanic path.

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